Bartender's Collection - Burlap & Barrel Single Origin Spices
Bartender's Collection - Burlap & Barrel Single Origin Spices

Bartender's Collection

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The Bartender's Collection is the perfect gift for someone who appreciates a proper drink. Make allspice dram, add juniper berries to a gin-based cocktail, or grate some nutmeg over a punch bowl.

What's included:

Sweet Allspice Berries (1.25oz glass jar)
Our sweet allspice berries come from the cloud forests of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala and have a characteristic smoky warmth, reminiscent of toasted almonds and baked fruit. They're a perfect addition to spiced holiday desserts like pumpkin or apple pie, adds depth and complexity to beverages like cocktails, chai masala, or hot chocolate, and even works well with meat dishes like chili, bolognese or curries.

Wild Red Juniper Berries (1.5 oz glass jar)
Our wild red juniper berries are harvested in the Taurus Mountains of Turkey. They're herbal and sweet with notes of pine and goji berries. Great for braised meats, cocktails, and teas.

Stone Nutmeg (1.0 oz glass jar - 6-8 pieces)
March is nutmeg season in Zanzibar, and our current lot of nutmeg was just harvested and dried this season. Our nutmeg comes still in its natural shell, which keeps it fresher for longer. Crack it open with a pair of tongs or a nutcracker and grate the nutmeg fresh - you'll be holding some of the best nutmeg in the world, harvested by hand, dried in the sun and delivered directly to your kitchen.

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