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Sweets Collection

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Our sweets collection features three spices for all of all the bakers, dessert makers, confectioners, and chocolatiers packed beautifully in a gift box. Use these spices in cakes, scones, caramels, and sweet sauces for added complexity and depth.

What's included:

Pemba Cloves (1.4 oz glass jar)
Cloves from some of the oldest clove trees in the world. Our cloves are hand-picked at the last possible moment before flowering, ensuring the largest size and most mature flavor, and then dried in the tropical sun. They are bright, sweet and very spicy, with rich loamy warmth and a numbing menthol buzz. Their island terroir lends a touch of salt and fragrant notes of eucalyptus and tropical flowers.

Sweet Allspice Berries (1.25 oz  glass jar)
Our sweet allspice has a characteristic smoky warmth, reminiscent of toasted almonds and baked fruit. It’s a perfect addition to spiced holiday desserts like pumpkin or apple pie, adds depth and complexity to beverages like cocktails, chai masala, or hot chocolate, and even works well with meat dishes like chili, bolognese or curries.

Cloud Forest Green Cardamom (1.7 oz glass jar)
Our cardamom comes from the cloud forests of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, grown on a biodynamic, single estate farm in the mountains. (Check out our video about the farm.) Our green cardamom is bright and pungent, with warm notes of ginger and pine.

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