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Wild Icelandic Kelp

Wild oarweed kelp, salty and briny with deep umami flavor.

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Harvested from the bottom of the frigid Icelandic coast, this wild oarweed kelp has a deep umami flavor and oceanic minerality. Use it to give any dish a salty and briny kick. It's for adding depth, savoriness and body to soups, for finishing meat and seafood dishes or as a salt substitute. 

This kelp is dried and ground from wild Laminaria digitata kelp in a carbon-neutral facility powered by geothermal energy.

⚠ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



Westfjords, Iceland


Air dried, then ground


Wild kelp (Laminaria digitata)

Tasting notes:

Oceanic Minerality • Brine • Funky Umami

Cooking tips

  • Use as a salt substitute in seafood recipes
  • Throw a pinch into your salad dressing or condiments
  • Sprinkle into soups, stocks and curries
"I completely fell in love with it when I tasted it and it’s become a pantry item in our kitchen. We serve it with our bread course at Simon and the Whale on top of butter, it’s amazing. I take it home and I put it on popcorn it’s my go-to salt when I don’t need it to perform technically for me and I’m just looking for flavor." -Chef Zoe Kana
"These kelp flakes are salty, mineral-tinged, and savory in that intriguing but also can’t-stop-eating-it way."


Sourcing image

Our Wild Icelandic kelp is harvested by boat from the deep, cold water of Iceland’s Westfjords. The harvesting boats drop large, scissor-like devices into the water to cut the tender, flavorful tops off the plants at a carefully calibrated depth that allows the kelp to regrow. The clipped kelp is collected from the ocean in nets and transported back to our partner’s geothermal facility, where it is rinsed, dried and ground. Click here to see where our kelp is harvested!


Kelp naturally contains iodine, arsenic and other minerals. Based on FDA recommendations for daily intake, we suggest consuming no more than a pinch (1/10th of a teaspoon) per person per day.

Per 100 grams (1 jar = 71 grams, 1 container = 567 grams )

 Calories  252 kcal


9.8 g

 - From fat 0 kcal


670 mg


8.3 g


468 mg

Total Carbs 51 g


220 mg

- Dietary Fiber 3.5 g


37 mg

-- Sugars

0 g


1.2 mg

Total Fat 0.6 g


400 mcg

- Saturated fat 0 g


50 mcg

Sodium 3.2 g


60 mcg

Potassium  8.3 g


560 mcg

Calcium  1.4 g

Vitamin C

17 mg

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