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Taurus Mountain Thyme

Vibrant green hue and earthy, super-savory aroma.

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Our fragrant Taurus Mountain Thyme grows wild in the Taurus Mountains of central Turkey. A rare variety originally transplanted from the Himalayas, it has a vibrant green hue and an earthy, savory aroma and flavor that's perfect for meat rubs and roasted vegetables.



Taurus Mountains, Turkey




Wild thyme, dried (Thymus linearis)

Tasting notes:

Pine • Sage • Maillard Reaction

Cooking tips

Amount fresh
Amound dried
  • Add to stocks, stews or soups
  • Toss with vegetables, olive oil, salt and pepper, and chili flakes before cooking
  • Smash into butter and use to baste meats or veggies
  • Add to braising liquid for meats or vegetable


Adding the Taurus Mountain Thyme to our seasonal lineup is actually the result of a happy accident — there was a mix-up, and our partners in Turkey shipped us this wonderful thyme varietal instead of our usual (and much-loved) Flowering Hyssop Thyme. As soon as we tasted it, we loved it and wanted to share it with yo

Taurus Mountain Thyme is grown in the area known as the Middle Taurus Mountains, between Mersin and Hatay, further west from where our Flowering Hyssop Thyme is grown. This thyme grows well in the high plateaus of the mountains, where the temperature gets very hot with little rainfall during the summer. The thyme seeds are typically planted between March and May and harvested in July and August.

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