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Alphonso Mango Amchur

Refreshingly bright, lemon zest with a tropical edge.

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Our Alphonso Mango Amchur is grown and produced by Amol Kavle on his organic farm in the small town of Devgad. The Alphonso mango is among the most highly prized varieties, and Ratnagiri is perhaps the most famous mango-growing region in India, if not the world! Each jar has the equivalent of 2–3 mangos in it.

Alphonso mangos make this amchur a flavor powerhouse: refreshingly bright and slightly salty, it's reminiscent of lemon zest but with a tropical edge. It elegantly complements flavors of savory and sweet dishes alike, elevating them to another level.

To make the amchur, green mangos are grated with a little salt, dried in the sun and then ground into a powder. It's an essential ingredient in chaats and other Indian snacks, but it's also a perfect tart & savory topping for pretty much everything you'll ever cook.

This spice contains less than 0.1% salt by weight.



Devgad, India


Amchoor, aamchur, green mango powder


Salted, sun-dried, then ground


Alphonso mango, unripe (Mangifera indica v. Alphonso), salt (<0.1%)

Tasting notes:

Sour Peach • Orange Blossom • Fireworks

Cooking tips

  • Rub chicken, shrimp and veggies to add a tart brightness
  • Sprinkle into smoothies, pastries with fruit and desserts 


Sourcing image

Amol Kavle grows Alphonso mangoes on his farm in Devgad, India. Most of the mangoes are sold when ripe, custardy, and orange, but he makes a small amount of amchur with the green mangoes that fall to the ground. This amchur is usually only shared with friends and family, but we were fortunate to be able to bring a small amount in!

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