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Kitchen Pepper

Classic warm, savory blend from the American South, a collaboration with chef Ashleigh Shanti

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Kitchen Pepper is the oldest known spice blend of the American South, with versions of the recipe dating back to the 18th century. If there was a "mother spice," this would be it. Its flavors transport you to the Caribbean with its intense peppery notes, all the way to Appalachia with punches of bright acidity from sumac. This all-purpose blend serves as a warm hug to whatever dish you choose, whether sweet or savory.

Kitchen Pepper works especially well in baking recipes that call for warm flavors, like spiced apple pie or gingerbread, but it’s versatile enough for the everyday. To add a mellow smoky heat in quick applications, try a dash or two in split pea soup, a Cobb salad or a casual BLT. For bolder infusions, use as a meat rub to season a rack of ribs or add to a pot of chili or a tray of roasted root veggies to highlight the natural sweetness of your ingredients.

Fun fact: the design on the jar is based on Ashleigh's grandmother's quilts!



Cured sumac, black pepper, ginger, allspice, cinnamon verum, nutmeg, cloves

Tasting notes:

Lemon Wedge • Summer Cookout • Burnished Gold

Cooking tips

  • Use as a rub for meats or vegetables
  • Spice up split pea soup
  • Amp up a braise or stew, or add a teaspoon to meatloaf or meatballs
  • Sub for cinnamon in a fruit-based or gingerbread dessert 



Ashleigh Shanti is chef and owner of Good Hot Fish in Asheville, NC. Her cuisine honors Black foodways while paying homage to her coastal Virginia upbringing. She honed her skills at a variety of restaurants ranging from Northern Italian to classic French, but Southern Appalachian cuisine is her culinary love language.

Learn more at @foodordeath_