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Green Garlic Scapes

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Green Garlic Scapes are the springtime stalks of the garlic plant. They grow in wild curlicues and have a strong garlic flavor with sweet, green notes. Unlike the more robustly flavored bulb, garlic scapes have a sweet, fresh garlicky flavor that we usually only get to enjoy for a few fleeting weeks. Use in place of dried garlic or herbs in any dish, especially in soups and pickles, or rehydrate for pesto. 

We were delighted to get our hands on some of Norwich Meadows Farm's harvest — the dried garlic scapes are crunchy, with the delicate aroma of fresh-cut grass and a tender garlic flavor. They have the bright, springy taste of green garlic without the harsh bite of a garlic clove.


Norwich Meadows Farm


Hot air dried, then ground


Dried organic garlic scapes (Allium sativum)

Tasting notes:

Chives • Green Tea • Springtime

Despite their fanciful appearance, the scapes don't only exist to invoke joy and wonder — they are actually the garlic bulb's sprouting flower. Many farmers like to cut them before the cloves of garlic blossom, which redirects the plant's energy back into the bulb and all grow larger and more flavorful. They typically have a short season (like so many of our favorite spring crops!), but with a little help from our friends at Norwich Meadows Farm, we are getting to enjoy that early harvest flavor all year.

Meet the Farmers: Norwich Meadows Farm owners Zaid and Haifa Kurdieh have built their reputation among chefs by selecting crops for flavor and texture instead of yield.

Norwich Meadows Farm is a certified organic farm in Chenango County, NY, grounded in nourishment for our bodies and our environment. They are committed not only to growing exceptional food, but also to preserving and stewarding the agricultural land that they farm, through soil management and biodiversity (they grow over 1,300 varieties of plants on the 250-acre farm).

The Kurdiehs' commitment to biodiversity has also made Norwich Meadows Farm a favorite among many of New York's most popular chefs. Priya Krishna wrote a great piece for the New York Times describing the farm, Zaid's love of flavor and his unconventional farming techniques.

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