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Spiced Date Sugars

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This trio of spiced date sugars is the ideal sweetener: low-glycemic, vitamin-rich, with a deep caramel flavor, silky texture and mixed with some of our favorite spices. The three varieties are made to complement each other, and they are versatile in both sweet and savory applications. Date sugar made from whole Kentichi dates is a wonderful, health-conscious alternative to other sweeteners and is packed with potassium, magnesium and antioxidants. The spices' warm, zesty and complex flavors complement the natural caramel flavor of the date sugar. 

 A little more about each sugar:

The spicy notes of Buffalo Ginger marry with the rich caramelized flavor of the date sugar, making it the perfect "swicy" (that's sweet and spicy) addition to a dry rub with star anise and fennel seed. It's a dream whisked into Asian-inspired sauces and equally at home in a spiced gingerbread cookie or banana bread.

Black Lime mixed with date sugar creates an irresistible combination of sweet and sour that at first might remind you of Pixy Stix...but so much better! Try lining the rim of a drink glass with this sugar, use it as a finishing touch for lime zest blondies, or to add sweetness and acidity to salad dressings.

We ground whole pods of Pompona Vanilla into date sugar for a decadent, rich sweetener that makes everything better. Aside from eating it straight from the jar, stir it into plain yogurt, sprinkle it over pancakes or waffles (with strawberries, please!), use it as a finishing touch for an espresso or latte, or add it to baked beans.

We worked with Dr. Sylvie Charles, founder of Just Date, to make these spiced date sugars. Just Date makes healthy, delicious, organic sweeteners from whole Medjool dates. Date sugars are Sylvie's favorite alternative sweeteners because they are healthier in many quantifiable ways that are backed by clinical trials. 

Our spiced date sugars are a whole fruit, low-glycemic sugar full of all the nutrients and fiber from the original dates. The dates are super sweet and caramel in flavor, and light in color. They are dried and finely ground to create a delicious, flavorful, off-white sugar. The spices in these sugars are our single origin Buffalo Ginger, Black Lime and Wild Pompona Vanilla.

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