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Weeknight Collection

Spice up everyday cooking. Just sprinkle on and enjoy.

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Why Burlap & Barrel?

  • Single origin spices sourced directly from small farms
  • Over 10,000 5-star reviews
  • Guaranteed to wow you or we'll replace

Our Weeknight Collection features spices that you should always keep within reach. Use these to kick up the flavor of your everyday cooking. Just sprinkle on and enjoy! Packed in a beautiful box.

The set of 3 spices includes:

  1. Sun-Dried Tomato Powder
  2. Cured Sumac
  3. Purple Stripe Garlic 

The set of 6 spices includes everything in the 3-pack, plus:

  1. Royal Cinnamon 
  2. Salina Crystal Salt
  3. Za'atar  

Sun-Dried Tomato Powder

Our Sun-Dried Tomato Powder adds a bump of rich, umami flavor to any dish. Sauté the powder with aromatics like onions or garlic, use as a garnish on roasted vegetables or add to rubs for grilled meats.

Tasting notes: Herb garden • Umami bomb • Pizza


  • Coat veggies in olive oil and toss, add to meat rubs and stews
  • Sprinkle over sliced tomatoes (trust us), focaccias and pizzas

Purple Stripe Garlic

Our Purple Stripe Garlic powder adds depth and complexity to everything it touches. The powder can be used in place of fresh garlic, or as an upgrade to standard garlic powder. Add it to tomato sauces, stews, salad dressings or simply sprinkle it onto stir-fries or pizza.

Tasting notes: Brown Butter • Toasted Hazelnut • Asafoetida


  • Add to onion, carrots and celery as a flavor base for sauces, stews, braises or beans
  • Sprinkle over reheated pizza

Cured Sumac

Our spectacular Cured Sumac is an easy swap for lemon juice in any recipe, or use it to add character and brightness to salads, fish, meat or dips. It has a bright, sour, salty and slightly fermented flavor.

Tasting notes: Sour Cherry • Salt & Vinegar • Sunny Acidity


  • Swap for lemon juice in any recipe
  • Sprinkle over hummus, salad, roasted veggies, meat or scrambled eggs

Salina Crystal Salt

Our Salina Crystal Salt comes from the Syracuse Salt Co., a father-daughter team in the "Salt City" of Syracuse, New York. The natural brine is carefully evaporated into crunchy, pristine salt crystals that are perfect for sprinkling over everything from steaks to brownies.

Tasting notes: Sweet Minerality • Clean Salinity • Crunch


  • Sprinkle over steak, grilled fish, and roasted veggies
  • Top brownies, cookies and other sweets

Royal Cinnamon

Our Royal Cinnamon is an heirloom variety not widely harvested or exported, and it exemplifies the intense sweetness and spiciness for which Vietnamese cinnamon is prized. Use it in place of Saigon or other cinnamons in pastries and baked goods, or sprinkle into rich, savory meat or tomato-based dishes.

Tasting notes: Brown Butter • Buckwheat Honey • Orange Peel


  • Beautiful in baked goods, spice cookies, oatmeal and desserts
  • Brew with your favorite coffee or tea


Our spectacular Za'atar is grown and blended in Palestine, where it has been a staple seasoning, topping and condiment for as long as recorded history. Use as a finishing spice, a seasoning to roast meat or vegetables, or as a dip mixed with fresh olive oil.

Tasting notes: Mountain Herbs • Toasted Sesame • Tradition

Ingredients: Za'atar (Origanum syriacum), toasted sesame seeds, sumac, salt, citric acid


  • Mix with olive oil as a dip for bread or rub for vegetables or protein
  • Use as a rub for baked chicken or eggs
"The single-origin spices are uber-fresh and truly fantastic. It’s housed in a nice box, too — built-in gift wrap!"
"A thoughtful and tasty present."


how do we compare? Supermarket Icon Supermarket Fair Trade Icon Fair Trade
Heirloom Spices Yes No No
Fair Prices for Farmers Yes No Depends on global commodity price
Time in Storage None. We import spices at harvest Up to 10 years At least 1 year
Flavor Profile Intense & fresh Stale & bland Inconsistent
Knows Farmers Names Yes No Unlikely
Customer Service Fast responses from real people! No There might be a 1-800 number?



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