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Adventurer's Collection

Adventurer's Collection

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Our Adventurer's Collection includes three of our most unique and adventurous spices, a perfect gift for cooks who love to experiment with new ingredients. 

What's included:

2018 Harvest Turmeric (1.7 oz glass jar)
Our turmeric is grown organically and hand-harvested in Karnataka, India and has a sweet, floral flavor without the metallic bitterness found in lower quality turmeric. It is perfect for both sweet and savory applications, in curries and other dishes as well as in turmeric teas and lattes.

Black Urfa Chili Flakes (1.8 oz glass jar)
Our black chili comes from Urfa, Turkey, where it has been grown and cured for centuries. It has a rich, malty flavor with a lingering burn. Great in stews, tomato sauces, salad dressings, brownies and other desserts, or just sprinkled over fluffy scrambled eggs.

Cobanero Chili (15-25 whole chilis in a glass jar)
Our cobanero chili is a rare Mayan variety of chili pepper, only grown in the mountains around the city of Cobán in Guatemala. It has a lush, fruity aroma and a fierce, smoky heat that makes everything taste better. Perfect for anyone who appreciates true chili flavor. They're SO good - fruity like a peach, sweet, slightly smoky, and brightly spicy. Use caution, they're spicier than serrano peppers and in the same range as cayenne peppers.

Cloud Forest Green Cardamom (1.7 oz glass jar)
Our cardamom comes from the cloud forests of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, grown on a biodynamic, single estate farm in the mountains. (Check out our video about the farm.) Our green cardamom is bright and pungent, with warm notes of ginger and pine.

Stone Nutmeg (in the shell) (1.0 oz glass jar - 6-8 pieces)
March is nutmeg season in Zanzibar, and our current lot of nutmeg was just harvested and dried this season. Our nutmeg comes still in its natural shell, which keeps it fresher for longer. Crack it open with a pair of tongs or a nutcracker and grate the nutmeg fresh - you'll be holding some of the best nutmeg in the world, harvested by hand, dried in the sun and delivered directly to your kitchen.

Wild Icelandic Kelp Flakes (2.0 oz glass jar)
Harvested from the bottom of the frigid North Atlantic off the coast of Iceland, this wild oarweed kelp has a deep umami flavor and oceanic minerality, salty and briny. Perfect for adding depth, savoriness and body to soups, or for finishing meat and seafood dishes

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