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"I love this sweeping spice collection." Tejal Rao, New York Times

To celebrate the Floyd Cardoz Masalas, Floyd's wife, Barkha Cardoz, assembled this collection of 6 single spices and 6 masalas that reflect the flavors of her family's kitchen and the ingredients that inspire her every day. 

We've added a copy of our new book, From Grind to Garnish, which is full of techniques to spark your creativity, and a set of our woven kitchen towels, so you can keep the counters clean as you cook.

The Cardoz Kitchen Collection makes the perfect gift for a loved one who has just started learning about South Asian cookery, but it will be just as beloved by someone who has plenty of experience with the diverse flavors of the subcontinent's regional cuisines. The collection will inspire you or your lucky gift recipient to cook some of the most flavorful dishes of your life!

This collection ships for free within the US. 

What's included:

Green Tikka Masala (1.8 oz jar)
"Chicken tikka was one of the most popular dishes at Floyd's famous restaurant, Tabla, and it evokes strong emotions to this day. Floyd created it to give his guests a new chicken tikka that was different from the typical red tandoori style, using curry leaves, ginger, garlic, and a little chili. Use this masala as a rub or base in curries with coconut milk or yogurt. Finish with a little soy sauce, a squeeze of lime, and chopped onions." -Barkha Cardoz

Vindaloo Masala (1.8 oz jar) 
"Vindaloo is a Goan style of marinated cooking using chilis, garlic, and vinegar. Floyd's mum Beryl makes amazing vindaloo, and she shared her recipes with her kids. Floyd often made pork vindaloo for our family whenever he craved his mum's food, and I hope this masala transports you to our kitchen. Marinate your main ingredient with this masala, crushed garlic, vinegar, and salt for a few hours, then simmer until fully cooked." -Barkha Cardoz

Chaat Masala (1.8 oz jar) 
"This is one of our family favorites; it’s tangy, salty, savory, herbal, and just a little hot. This was one of Floyd's favorite masalas as well, and he loved to finish chaats and grilled dishes with a generous sprinkle of the masala and a squeeze of lime. It's a perfect finish to fresh fruit, crunchy veggies, grain-based salads and chaats, and anything else that needs an extra sizzle of flavor." -Barkha Cardoz

Garam Masala (1.8 oz jar) 
“Every chef has a top-secret recipe of spices they combine for their garam masala. This deceptively simple yet bright and aromatic blend was Floyd’s. Just before serving lentils, beans, vegetables, or meat, bloom garam masala with aromatics in ghee or sprinkle directly into the cooking pot to finish with fragrant, floral notes.” -Barkha Cardoz

Kashmiri Masala (1.8 oz jar) 
“When Floyd was 18, he traveled to India’s northernmost state of Kashmir. He had never tasted their mix of Kashmiri chili, ginger, and fennel before, but the combination quickly became one of his favorites. This aromatic masala gives beans, vegetables, lamb, chicken, and stewed potatoes new life. Cook with yogurt to meld the flavors together.” -Barkha Cardoz

Goan Masala (1.8 oz jar) 
"Every Goan family has a blend of spices they use for everyday cooking -- this was Floyd's. When our sons were young, we decided to leave out fresh chili peppers to cook milder curries of shrimp, chicken, and vegetables. Adding coconut milk makes this earthy curry creamy and full-bodied." -Barkha Cardoz

Wild Hing (1.0 oz jar) 
Hing, also known as asafoetida, is the dried sap of a mountain shrub, and its flavor is incomparable and essential to many South Indian dishes. The aroma is infamously sharp when raw, but after blooming in a little bit of oil at the beginning of the cooking process, it adds a deep, savory, allium flavor — it's a wonderful alternative to those with a sensitivity to onions and garlic.

Kashmiri Chili (2.0 oz jar) 
Kashmiri chilis, in whole and powdered form, are a staple of Indian cuisine and a welcome addition to any dish that needs a burst of flavor and color. The fresh peppers are long, slender and brilliant red. Kashmiri chili boasts a classic balance of heat and sweetness, and this variety is hotter than others you may have tried!

Smoked Black Cardamom (1.5 oz jar) 
Black Cardamom is a smoky, complex spice beloved across South and Central Asia. A larger cousin of cardamom, these pods are pink and purple when fresh, and they turn black as they're smoked over an open fire. Sprinkle into stews, lentis and sauces for an irresistible smoky, herbal flavor.

Prasad's Curry Leaf (0.8 oz jar)
Our irresistible ground curry leaves (or kari leaves) come from a small, impeccably run farm outside Los Angeles, California. Savory, herbal and nutty, curry leaves are essential in South Indian cooking but very versatile. These leaves tastier than any we've ever tried, and ground to a super-convenient powder that's easy to infuse with flavor. A shake or two into hot oil or ghee at the start of cooking is the perfect amount to permeate your dish.

New Harvest Turmeric (1.9 oz jar) 
Our turmeric is grown organically in southern India by Dr. Salunhke, an expert farmer specializing in sustainable agricultural techniques. It has a sweet, floral flavor without the metallic bitterness found in lower-quality turmeric, and is perfect for both sweet and savory applications, in curries and other dishes as well as in turmeric teas and lattes.

Wild Mountain Cumin (1.5 oz jar)
Our Wild Mountain Cumin is hand-picked by foragers in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan. Botanically distinct from common cumin (Cuminum cyminum), our Wild Mountain Cumin is renowned in Afghanistan and throughout central and south Asia for its delicious flavor. It has a savory, penetrating aroma and bright, umami flavor evocative of grilled meats and sweet caramelized onions.

From Grind to Garnish Spice Technique Book
A brief but comprehensive list of techniques that will excite your creativity and provide inspiration and guidance from a wide variety of culinary traditions around the world.

Woven Kitchen Towels (set of 2) 
The towels are made from 100% woven cotton and are ready for any task in your kitchen, from taking a hot pan of lasagna out of the oven to transforming into a table-protecting trivet to drying your dishes.

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Great Product -- Highly Recommend!

I loved Floyd Cardoz's cooking -- so happy to see this product! Flavors are awesome -- a beautiful gift to his many fans!

United States United States


Great spices. Having getting to eat food cooked with them in it.

United States United States

Warning - does not come in gift packaging, mixed into rest of order

Disappointing. This is listed as a "gift" and the marketing copy says, "Packed in a beautiful gift box and ships for free within the US.". This is not true. This spice set (which I got as a gift) were mixed with other spices that I purchased. When I reached out to customer service, they wrote back with a hard to interpret note. Anyways here's a little heads up that this specific set isn't packaged as a gift. It's a preselected bundle of spices that will be shipped along with anything else you get. ------ Customer service response ------ "Maybe we could have done a better job of alerting customers that we were unable to provide gift packaging. Our spices are packaged in our handsome, sturdy, branded boxes for shipping to help prevent breakage in transit. And, our warehouse staff move fairly fast and are focused on packing, accuracy and getting orders out efficiently in a timely basis. However, our Fundamentals and Chef Choice collections are pre packed as gifts the way you outlined in your review."