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Cherry Fennel Sherry Jam

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Our Cherry Fennel Sherry Jam was made in collaboration with V Smiley Preserves.

It's made from New York cherries, and the flavor was inspired by V’s trips out west, where she learned that the mouth-puckering sweet and sour bite of sour cherries are the secret to making a well-balanced and flavorful cherry jam. It's a natural companion to our sweet, herbal fennel, which is a nod to Spanish flavors. The Spanish Pedro Ximénez sherry vinegar adds acidity and richness, replacing most of the lemon juice that would be used for a traditional sweet jam.

This jam is food-friendly and makes an especially great companion to mustard. Try it in a Dijon vinaigrette and drizzle over potatoes. Put it out on a cheese or charcuterie board, where it will make friends with everyone. Or spread it on French toast!

  • Origin: Bristol, Vermont, USA
  • Process: Fruit and spices are gently simmered in copper pots
  • Ingredients: Cherry, honey, apple, lemon juice, Pedro Ximénez sherry vinegar, orange zest, toasted fennel seeds


Founded in Seattle and now based on Lil To Do Farm in V's childhood home in Bristol, Vermont, V Smiley Preserves makes preserves of fruit, honey and aromatics. The farm grows currants, gooseberries, rhubarb, tomatoes and aromatics, all of which are utilized in V's preserves.

V Smiley preserves jams without added pectin, producing balanced, tart-sweet flavors from simple, soft-set Raspberry Jam to intricate, multi-texture conserves that set up gorgeously on a spoon.

In 2022, they are are fulfilling a long-held dream to open a restaurant that showcases V Smiley Preserves, breakfast to drinks, by transforming a 40-plus-year-old bakery into Minifactory, the brick-and-mortar home of V Smiley Preserves, production, dining, coffee and drinks, all under one roof. 
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