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Cumin & Coriander

Classic pairing that's perfect for toasting in hot oil, rubbing on proteins and roasting.

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Cumin & Coriander make up a classic, widely beloved pairing, with wide applications in cuisines from Mexico to China to India to the Middle East. Earthy, savory wild cumin pairs beautifully with citrusy, floral coriander. Use this blend as a base for stews, curries, sauces, and rubs for grilling and roasting. It makes an easy seasoning for rice and is perfect for tempering in ghee or oil.

The coriander is unique to this blend. It's grown organically by partner farmer Chain Singh in the hot, dry climate of Rajasthan. It's incredibly bright and citrusy, with a uniquely assertive flavor and aroma.



Afghanistan & India



Tasting notes:

Kumquat • Roasted Onion • Fresh Air



Wild mountain cumin (Bunium persicum), coriander (Coriandrum sativum)

Cooking tips

  • Toast in oil or ghee to start soups, stews and curries
  • Rub on meat or vegetables before roasting
  • Use with salt as a grill rub


Sourcing image

The coriander in this blend is grown organically by partner farmer Chain Singh in the hot, dry climate of Rajasthan, India. We only brought in a small amount, and it's unique to this blend (it's not available on its own). 

Our Wild Mountain Cumin is sourced directly from networks of foragers in the Hindu Kush mountain range of Badakhshan province in the northeastern corner of Afghanistan. The Hindu Kush range is characterized by steep, rocky peaks cut through by green river valleys; the significant snowfall in the winter results in abundant vegetation in the short spring and summer seasons despite low rainfall. The rocky soil cultivates an ancient and resilient varietal of cumin with a warm, pungent flavor and irresistible aroma.

The cumin grows wild, and other than the small quantities we export, is harvested only for local consumption; there is no scalability or institutional infrastructure for export, and we are only able to source this very rare cumin varietal because of Burlap & Barrel founder Ethan’s years working in Badakhshan and surrounding provinces. Our cumin grows wild and can be considered naturally organic, as no pesticides or other chemicals are used in its cultivation.

Burlap & Barrel is the only importer of Wild Mountain Cumin from Afghanistan. 

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