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Golden Elixir Vinegar

Complex drinking vinegar made in collaboration with Lindera Farms and Sohla & Ham El-Waylly

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Golden Elixir is a limited edition probiotic drinking vinegar made by Lindera Farms in collaboration with our friends Sohla and Ham El-Waylly. Inspired by probiotic sodas and the Ayurvedic remedies of Sohla’s childhood, it makes a vibrant and refreshing drink when mixed with soda water. The sweet and zesty vinegar is also ideal for salad dressings, glazing meat and even desserts. Scroll down for a recipe from Sohla!

Golden Elixir is a one-of-a-kind drinking tonic made from multiple vinegars and special ferments, including fresh turmeric, organic pink ginger, freshly juiced lemongrass, foraged Virginia persimmons, heirloom peppers and apples, non-interventionist honey, Red River coriander and fermented white peppercorns.

Golden Elixir is a raw and unpasteurized vinegar. All of the active cultures during brewing are present in the finished bottle, so they can benefit your probiotic intake and overall gut health. Because of these active cultures, you may notice bubbles of carbonation in the bottle; don’t worry, this is totally normal and completely safe to drink. To keep any additional fermentation at bay, store Golden Elixir in the refrigerator.



Delaplane, Virginia, USA


Vinegars (apple cider, ginger, heirloom pepper, lemongrass, persimmon, turmeric), fresh turmeric, organic pink ginger, freshly juiced lemongrass, foraged Virginia persimmons, heirloom peppers and apples, non-interventionist honey, Red River coriander, fermented white peppercorns

Cooking tips

  • Golden Elixir Mango Float
  • To mix your own golden tonic, combine 1 ounce of Golden Elixir with 4 ounces of club soda. It’s a richly spiced refreshing drink with just the right balance of sweet and tart.


Lindera Farms makes exceptional locally sourced, sustainable vinegars in Fauquier County, Virginia. They started this batch of Golden Elixir one year ago with the brewing of six distinct vinegars (apple cider, ginger, heirloom pepper, lemongrass, persimmon, and turmeric) that gained complexity as they aged. While they brewed, they periodically added doses of fresh lemongrass juice and dried pepper flakes to the ferments to build layers of intense aromatics. After several rounds of testing and adjustments, they blended the vinegars with a cane sugar and honey syrup that was steeped with fresh turmeric pulp, white peppercorns and coriander. The result is a potent and exceptionally balanced tonic with rich spiced notes and incredible depth of character. The folks at Lindera say, "In our ten years of vinegar making, Golden Elixir is our most labor intensive production yet. We couldn’t be more proud."

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