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Our dehydrated kimchi is an irresistible, crispy-crunchy, spicy, salty, funky topping that livens up everything from pizza to rice to fresh fruit. We dried 1 pound of kimchi per jar, then dehydrated and hand-flaked it to crispy nibbles. There's nothing added, just pure kimchi, and the concentrated flavor is enough to take just about any dish over the top. No refrigeration required, and it's vegan!

This dried kimchi an unbeatable snack straight out of the jar, but we also love to use it as a finishing touch on top of bagels and sandwiches for extra oomph, on soft-scrambled eggs and rice bowls, as an umami kick in stir-fries, in dumpling dipping sauces, and to liven up roasted or grilled meats or vegetables. And don't forget dessert — it's fabulous on fresh mangos or even atop a scoop of ice cream!

To make this totally unique dried kimchi, we turned to the people we know who know kimchi best: Mama O's. They make kimchi the old-fashioned way, and the flavor tells the story of their dedication to the craft.


Dehydrated, then hand-crushed


Napa cabbage, Mama O's Premium Vegan Kimchi Paste (water, Korean chili peppers, fresh garlic, fresh ginger juice, salt, organic cane sugar, fresh lime juice), onion, Korean daikon, cilantro, scallions

Tasting notes:

It's Kimchi • Seriously • Just Kimchi


  • Use as a topping for fish tacos
  • Sprinkle on a cream cheese bagel
  • Toss with ziti or rigatoni and olive oil
  • Put on top of fresh kimchi for a double-kimchi flavor explosion



Mama O's Premium Kimchi makes kimchi the old-fashioned way, and this project is a dream realized. Here's Kheedim Oh to tell the story of his company, which began as an accident. 

Kheedim never intended to start a company, he just needed some kimchi. His parents (Mama & Papa O) lived a couple hundred miles away, so going over to bum a jar was not convenient. The kimchi options in stores tasted terrible, were full of unnecessary ingredients, or both. So, he asked Mama O to teach him how to make kimchi. Kheedim took the Chinatown bus to DC many times to make batches of kimchi to bring back to NYC. Most of the kimchi was shared with friends, and occasional strangers, who encouraged Kheedim to make his product available to a larger community.

Mama O's now has a production facility in Brooklyn, New York, and their kimchi is available nationally and internationally. They are committed to quality, and they strive to make the they can best they can every time and stay true to their traditional, hand-crafted roots.

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