Adventures Sampler Box

Adventures Sampler Box


Our Adventures Sampler includes three of our most unique and adventurous spices, selected for ambitious cooks who love to experiment with new ingredients. 

Cloud Forest Yellow Cardamom from Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. Yellow cardamom ripens on the vine and is floral and sweet with notes of ginger and mint. It's grown on a biodynamic, single estate farm in the mountains. (Check out for a quick video about the farm!)

Wild Mountain Cumin, from Badakhshan, Afghanistan. Harvested by a network of foragers in the high mountains of the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan's remote northeast, this cumin is incredibly rich and savory, perfect in stews, curries, and rubs. This is one of our rarest spices, with no commercial cultivation and no supply chain infrastructure. We get it driven down from the mountains and shipped straight to us. 

Cured Sumac from Gaziantep, Turkey. Our best seller among NYC's top chefs, it's preserved with a salt-based curing process. It has a tart, sweet, salty and slightly fermented flavor that is complex and addictive.

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