Allspice Berries

Allspice Berries

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Allspice is the dried berry of a beautiful evergreen tree, and one of the few classic spices indigenous to the new world. Used widely in Caribbean and Mexican cuisines, its characteristic combination of sugar and spice is a key element of jerk chicken, mole sauces and many other dishes. 

The allspice berries are hand-harvested every October and November and dried. Our sweet allspice has a characteristic smoky warmth, reminiscent of toasted almonds and baked fruit. It’s a perfect addition to spiced holiday desserts like pumpkin or apple pie, adds depth and complexity to beverages like cocktails, chai masala, or hot chocolate, and even works well with meat dishes like chili, bolognese or curries.

Our allspice is grown on small plots in the cloud forests of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, where the altitude, high humidity and comparatively low temperatures create ideal conditions for beautiful allspice berries. Grind them up to mix into an apple or pumpkin pie or use them as a dry rub for grilled meat, or even add them whole to a chili or stew. 

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