Fundamentals Sampler

Fundamentals Sampler


Our Fundamentals Sampler Box includes three jars of our most popular spices, a cross section of some of our best products from around the world.

Zanzibar Peppercorns, from the Zanzibar Archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Bright and spicy with a hint of lemon, these intense peppercorns are unlike any others in the world. (Organic)

Smoked Pimeton, from Extremadura, Spain. This deeply smoky, savory paprika is made from sweet red peppers dried over oak coals, and adds an incredible depth of flavor to any dish.

Silk Chili Flakes, from Kahramanmaras, Turkey are summery, slightly sweet and gently spicy, reminiscent of summer herbs and roasted tomatoes. So called because of their smooth, slippery texture , the Silk Chili is the Turkish variety of the famous Aleppo Chili. These are a perfect all-purpose chili flake to be added anytime you want to spice up your food.

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