Stone Nutmeg

Stone Nutmeg

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Our nutmeg comes straight from a spice cooperative on the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Tanzania. Spices were introduced to the islands in the 1800s when they were ruled by the Omani sultanate, and many of our partner farms have been growing spices for generations. 

As with all spices, freshness matters for nutmeg. March is nutmeg season in Zanzibar, and our current lot of nutmeg was just harvested and dried this season. Nutmeg is the meat of the pit of a stone fruit, similar to an apricot, and mace is the red, fingery membrane that surrounds the pit. The fruit itself has a bitter, astringent flavor but the mace and nutmeg are gorgeous, sweet and fragrant. 

Our nutmeg comes still in its natural shell, which keeps it fresher for longer. Crack it open with a pair of tongs or a nutcracker and grate the nutmeg fresh - you'll be holding some of the best nutmeg in the world, harvested by hand, dried in the sun and delivered directly to your kitchen.

Burlap & Barrel is the sole importer of spices from Zanzibar, including stone nutmeg, to the United States, and our nutmeg (like all our spices from Zanzibar) are organic.

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