Caramelized Eggplant Risotto

Caramelized Eggplant Risotto

Recipe and photo by Sofi Colmenares

Makes 2 servings


Caramelized Eggplant
2 Tbsp vegetable oil
1 large eggplant, diced
Pinch of ground Nile Coriander
Pinch of ground Zanzibar Black Pepper
Pinch of salt
Dash of soy sauce
Dash rice wine vinegar

1-inch piece ginger, minced or grated
1 garlic clove, minced or grated
1 dash soy sauce
0.5ย cup arborio rice
1.5 cup chicken stock
1/4 bunch cilantro, chopped
2oz Pecorino cheese, grated
Salt to taste
Pinch of groundย Nile Coriander
Pinch of ground Zanzibar Black Pepper


Caramelized Eggplant

  1. Heat oil in a large pan over high heat, add eggplant and set heat to medium-low.
  2. Sprinkle in salt and stir occasionally until the eggplant is light brown.
  3. Once caramelized, turn off the heat and add soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, ground Nile Coriander, and ground Zanzibar Black Pepper.


  1. Place chicken stock in a pot, and heat until simmering. Keep on low heat.
  2. Heat oil in a pot over medium heat, then add garlic and ginger and cook for 4-5 minutes or until aromatic.
  3. Mix the rice in with the garlic and ginger, stirring to coat it with oil.
  4. Mix in the soy sauce, and sprinkle in the salt, ground Nile Coriander and ground Zanzibar Black Pepper.
  5. Slowly pour in 1/3 of the warm chicken stock over the rice. Bring to a simmer, and stir until most of the liquid is absorbed. Repeat this step until the rice has absorbed all of the chicken stock.
  6. Once all the stock has been absorbed and the rice is tender, add the caramelized eggplant and chopped cilantro.
  7. If desired, mix in the pecorino cheese or grate over risotto for garnish.

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