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Grilling Collection

A set of complementary spices for flavorful wet and dry grill rubs.

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Why Burlap & Barrel?

  • Single origin spices sourced directly from small farms
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Fire up the grill and turn up the flavor! Our Grilling Collections feature complementary spices for wet or dry rubs for proteins and veggies (and even fruits). Makes a great gift for the griller in your life.

Choose between 4 and 7 spices. Packed in a beautiful box and ships for free within the US.

The 4-spice collection includes:

  1. Noble Sweet Paprika
  2. Köfte Baharat
  3. Toasted Onion Powder
  4. Zanzibar Black Peppercorns (grinder)

The 7-spice collection includes everything in the 4-pack, plus:

  1. Purple Stripe Garlic
  2. Sun-Dried Tomato Powder
  3. Black Lime
  4. A set of our woven kitchen towels — free!

Noble Sweet Paprika

Our rich, vibrant Noble Sweet Paprika is grown on a small regenerative farm in the oldest paprika-growing region of Hungary. Perfect for classic Hungarian dishes, this sweet paprika adds richness and depth to anything it touches.

Tasting notes: Red Peppers • Green Tomato • Turned Earth


  • Add to soups and stews for a gorgeous color and fresh, sweet flavor
  • Make classic Hungarian dishes like goulash, chicken paprikash and stuffed cabbage

Köfte Baharat

Deeply savory and bursting with flavor, Köfte Baharat is a traditional Turkish spice blend for meat. A classic, savory blend of chilis, garlic, cumin and allspice, it has a warm flavor and enticing aroma and is perfect for Turkish and Eastern Mediterranean dishes. Versatile and balanced, it's at home in sausage, burgers, veggies, beans and soups.

Tasting notes: Dried Fruits • Charcoal Grill • Aromatic Umami

Ingredients: Black Urfa chili, silk chili, cumin, allspice, garlic, sea salt, sunflower seed oil


  • Rub on meats or vegetables before grilling or roasting
  • Add to meatball or bulgur mix before cooking

Toasted Onion Powder

Our Toasted Onion Powder has an exceptionally rich, sweet, toasty flavor that leaves other onion powders in the dust. The delicious allium flavor comes through in stews, stocks, braises, rubs, dressings, savory breads and more. It can even be used in sweet baked goods — its onion-y sweetness is unlike anything we've ever tasted.

Tasting notes: Fresh Bread • Toasted Sesame • Sugarcane


  • Bloom in oil or butter at the start of cooking any savory dish
  • Add to stocks, soups, sauces, braises and dressings

Zanzibar Black Peppercorns

Our award-winning, vine-ripened Zanzibar Black Peppercorns are carefully hand-picked and sun-dried for a bright, lemony and spicy peppercorn that's unlike anything else on the planet. These are rich, chocolate-colored peppercorns with dense wrinkles and a bright, fruity spiciness.

Tasting notes: Cacao  • Lemon • Tropical Heat


  • Grind over everything for a bright, peppery kick 
  • Make the best cacio e pepe of your life 

Purple Stripe Garlic

Our Purple Stripe Garlic powder adds depth and complexity to everything it touches. The powder can be used in place of fresh garlic, or as an upgrade to standard garlic powder. Add it to tomato sauces, stews, salad dressings or simply sprinkle it onto stir-fries or pizza.

Tasting notes: Brown Butter • Toasted Hazelnut • Asafoetida


  • Add to onion, carrots and celery as a flavor base for sauces, stews, braises or beans
  • Sprinkle over reheated pizza

Sun-Dried Tomato Powder

Our Sun-Dried Tomato Powder adds a bump of rich, umami flavor to any dish. Sauté the powder with aromatics like onions or garlic, use as a garnish on roasted vegetables or add to rubs for grilled meats.

Tasting notes: Herb garden • Umami bomb • Pizza


  • Coat veggies in olive oil and toss, add to meat rubs and stews
  • Sprinkle over sliced tomatoes (trust us), focaccias and pizzas

Ground Black Lime

Black Lime is a versatile ingredient with a famously savory and tart flavor. Ours comes from a family farm in Guatemala. The limes are sun-dried, then ground into an easy-to-use powder. A versatile ingredient common in Persian cooking, they have a savory, tart flavor that's great on roasted meat or vegetables, in stews and anywhere you'd use lime juice.

Tasting notes: Citrus Peel • Sauvignon Blanc • Leather


  • Sprinkle into rice, soups, fish and kebabs
  • Use as garnish for cocktails, especially sours and margaritas


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