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Ranch & Pizza Party!

Our best-selling collaborations with Sohla & Ham El-Waylly

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Nothing Hidden Ranch and Pizza Party!, our collaboration blends with the chefs, recipe developers and TV stars Sohla and Ham El-Waylly, are irresistible, wildly delicious and a boatload of fun. Sohla and Ham dreamed up these versatile, powerhouse blends made with our single origin spices. Make it a trio with Cured Sumac, Sohla’s favorite spice.


“Punchy with onion and garlic, tangy from real buttermilk, and kickin' from vibrant dill and savory chives; it’s perfect sprinkled on popcorn, roasted vegetables and grilled fish. Stir it into a combo of mayo and yogurt to make the perfect creamy dressing. Or up the cool and shower it over freshly fried tortilla chips!” -Sohla + Ham

Size: 2.0 oz glass jar
Ingredients: Buttermilk powder, nutritional yeast, chives, dill, fermented white pepper, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, sugar, citric acid. Contains dairy.
Tasting notes: Zesty! • Herby! • Oniony!

  • Whisk into dressings
  • Shower over meats and vegetables
  • Sprinkle over popcorn, potatoes, pasta and rice


"We want everything to be pizza, so we created this blend to make our cheesy dreams come true. Ever had a NY slice and showered it with chili flake, garlic powder, and oregano? Now imagine that—but classy! Try this pizza spice on eggs, popcorn, avocado toast, as a dry brine for chicken, and of course, on anything with cheese!" -Sohla + Ham

Size: 1.8 oz glass jar
Ingredients: Sun-dried tomato powder, purple stripe garlic, Cobanero chili, flowering hyssop thyme, oregano flower buds, sea salt
Tasting notes: Pizza! • Pizza!! • Pizza!!!

  • Sprinkle on meats, pasta, eggs, avocado toast, popcorn and . . . pizza!
  • Use as a rub for meat, tofu and vegetables



Sun-dried tomato powder, purple stripe garlic, Cobanero chili, flowering hyssop thyme, oregano flower buds, sea salt

Tasting notes:

Pizza! • Pizza!! • Pizza!!!



A long time ago, in two cities separated by 8250 miles, there were two people born. In Los Angeles, California, to Bangladeshi parents, Sohla. In Doha, Qatar, to Egyptian-Bolivian parents, Ham. Culinary obsession would bring them both to the CIA, where they had every class together in a program where that never happened.

Before you know it, they were married and living in New York. Sohla’s varied culinary journey took her from iconic restaurants like Pok Pok, Del Posto and Atera to running the pastry programs at Rotisserie Georgette, Dover and Battersby. Ham’s voyage took him from WD-50, Empellon, Corton and Momofuku to corporate cheffing at E2 Hospitality. This culminated in their love letter to classic diners, Hail Mary, which earned a prestigious Rising Star Chefs award.

After Hail Mary shuttered its doors, Sohla’s journey into food media began, with stints at Serious Eats and Bon Appetit. You can find her work at The New York Times, Food52 and The History Channel.

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