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Shark Tank Collection

Get the spices that the Sharks loved. Ships free in the US. Limited stock.

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Get the incredible single origin spices the Sharks tasted and raved about on Shark Tank, packed in a beautiful gift box. Both sets ship free in the US.

Welcome to a world of incredible flavor!

The 4-spice set includes every spice that the Sharks tasted:

The 7-spice set include the four spices above, plus three more of our essential spices:



Single origin spices sourced directly from small farms around the world


Our spices are harvested by hand, dried naturally, grown organically whenever possible, and packed with flavor.

Cooking tips

  • Our spices are fresher and more flavorful. Start with half the amount you'd normally use.
  • Keep your spices within arm's reach! When you see them, you'll use them.
  • Unfamiliar with a spice? Add it to dishes you already like cooking and see how the flavors change. 


Sourcing image

In the image: Black Limes drying in the sun in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

All our single origin spices are sourced directly from our partner farmers around the world. They are grown regeneratively and organically whenever possible, and our supply chain is direct from farm to jar. These are the freshest, most flavorful spices on the market, and your purchase helps support smallholder farmers in many different countries.

Most spice supply chains are completely opaque: where the spices came from, who grew them, and how they were grown is usually a mystery. That’s not by accident — the systems we live with today are legacies of the colonial spice trade, which was designed to disenfranchise farmers and shortchange consumers. Burlap & Barrel is a Public Benefit Corporation, and our mission is to end inequality and exploitation in food systems by connecting farmers to high-value markets, helping smallholders farmers generate larger share of the product's value, and establishing long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our business model is not only better for our partner farmers and our world, it also makes for much fresher, more flavorful spices!

how do we compare? Supermarket Icon Supermarket Fair Trade Icon Fair Trade
Heirloom Spices Yes No No
Fair Prices for Farmers Yes No Depends on global commodity price
Time in Storage None. We import spices at harvest Up to 10 years At least 1 year
Flavor Profile Intense & fresh Stale & bland Inconsistent
Knows Farmers Names Yes No Unlikely
Customer Service Fast responses from real people! No There might be a 1-800 number?