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From Grind to Garnish Techniques Book

Our own fundamental spice techniques book to get you started.

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While there are many gorgeous books (some written by our friends!) that touch on cooking with spices, we were never able to find a comprehensive guide to the techniques that make cooking with spices so versatile and delicious. So we wrote it ourselves.

Back in 2019, we put together a video with Pro Home Cooks that showcased 10 techniques for cooking with spices while putting together a single Turkish meal. Digging into each technique, and observing the versatility of each spice when a different technique was applied, made us want to create a compendium of techniques that we knew would be informative and inspirational to cooks everywhere.

Flash forward to today (and lots of technique testing, iterating, and countless drafts later), and we're proud to present you with this hand-illustrated user's guide to cooking with spices.

The result is a softcover book with 38 pages covering 13 techniques to help you use spices in your cooking. The back cover is a detachable techniques guide that you can put on your fridge for whenever you need a quick reference!

It's intended to be a brief but comprehensive list of techniques that will excite your creativity and provide inspiration and guidance from a wide variety of culinary traditions around the world.

As you can see in the photos, each technique is illustrated with Jasper Yiu's gorgeous hand-painted watercolors and features two recipes and tips for cooking inspiration.

You can pick up a copy of From Grind to Garnish by adding it to your cart or as part of our Fundamentals Collection and Complete Collection.

You can also click here to download a free pdf of the book or scroll through each technique here.

Text by Ethan Frisch
Illustrations by Jasper Yiu
Edits by Ori Zohar, Jacqueline Raposo & Bayley Freeman
Layout by Seton Rossini

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