We've been honored to receive attention from some incredible journalists and publications. An abbreviated list is below.

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The Life: Spice Hunter
Popular Mechanics | May

"Ethan Frisch travels the world to find the world's most incredible spices and support the generations-old family farms that grow them."

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New Spice Company Sells Seasonings From the Source
New York Times | 
July 2017

"Burlap & Barrel sells vibrant spices imported directly from small farms around the world."

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A Former Chef Brings Direct Trade to the Spice World
Edible Brooklyn | March 2017

"Having a foot in the worlds of food and international development led Ethan Frisch to create his spice company, Burlap and Barrel. He’d worked as a line cook and pastry chef in both New York and London, an ice cream maker serving politically inspired flavors on city streets, and as a logistics manager and policy advisor with various international organizations. All of this combined gave him the perfect set of skills to bring, for example, wild mountain cumin from Afghanistan into the restaurants of New York City."

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Restaurants of the Year 2018: Reem's
Food & Wine
April 2018

"The dough for those man’oushe breads gets its tang from a Tartine Bakery starter and may be topped with cumin from Burlap & Barrel, a company emphasizing ethical sourcing in Afghanistan, Palestine, and elsewhere."

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How Burlap & Barrel is Disrupting the Spice Supply Chain
Food+Tech Connect | June 2017

"While eater demand for local, sustainable and organic food has grown, spices are often an after thought. As a result, the spice industry remains rooted in opaque practices that value neither fair labor practices or sustainability.Burlap & Barrel wants to change that through its single origin spice e-commerce platform. In additional to focusing on environmental sustainability, Burlap is committed to improving the welfare of smallholder spice farmers who are typically shortchanged in standard international supply chains."

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Yes They Can! How the Queer Kitchen Brigade is Coming to Puerto Rico's Aid
Village Voice | 
November 2017

"'I really appreciate the grassroots aspect of their work, both here — volunteers making food with donated ingredients — and in Puerto Rico, delivering the pickles and other preserves to community groups,' [Frisch] said. 'Burlap & Barrel is all about connecting the ends of the spice supply chains, and I can’t think of any better way to do that than by using spices grown by rural farming communities in Vietnam, Egypt, and Canada to help feed their counterparts in Puerto Rico.'"

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Burlap & Barrel Builds International Spice Supply Chain Networks
MAKE Magazine | August 2017

"Ethan Frisch is a former line cook and pastry chef of some of NYC’s top restaurants, and a former international aid worker that visited a variety of places, including Afghanistan and the Syrian/Jordanian border. 'As a professional cook, I learned about the importance of high quality ingredients, and as an aid worker, I worked with communities looking for international markets for the food they grew,' he says."

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