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Chili Collection

All of our chilis, mild to hot, for the chili lover. Ships free.

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Why Burlap & Barrel?

  • Single origin spices sourced directly from small farms
  • Over 10,000 5-star reviews
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Our Chili Collections include 6 or 12 of our chilis, from mild to hot, fruity to smoky, so you can taste the whole spectrum! It's the perfect gift for the chili lover in your life, especially if that's you.

Both collections ship free within the US.

The 6-pack includes:

  1. Smoked PimentĂłn Paprika
  2. Silk Chili
  3. Red Jalapeño Chili Flakes
  4. Cobanero Chili Flakes
  5. Noble Sweet Paprika
  6. Szegedi 178 Hot Paprika

The 12-pack includes everything in the 6-pack, plus:

  1. Black Urfa Chili
  2. Smoked Chipotle Chili Flakes
  3. Kashmiri Chili Powder
  4. Razza Crushed Red Peppers
  5. Jimmy Nardello Sweet Pepper Flakes
  6. Cayenne

      Smoked PimentĂłn Paprika

      Our rich, sweet Smoked PimentĂłn Paprika comes from a protected region in Western Spain, where sweet red peppers have been grown and smoked for centuries. Fresh peppers are slowly dried over oak coals, which imbue them with a rich, smoky flavor that imparts a savory depth and gorgeous color.

      Tasting notes: Hardwood Smoke • Ripe Tomato • Summery Sweetness


      • Mix with salt, ground cumin and coriander for a meat seasoning or dry rub
      • Add to your favorite classic Spanish paella recipe

      Silk Chili Flakes

      The Turkish variety of the Aleppo pepper, our summery, mildly spicy Silk Chili was historically ground using heavy silk ropes, giving them a smooth, slippery texture. They have a warm, tomato-like flavor and a medium heat, similar to Espelette and Korean chilis.

      Tasting notes: Roasted Tomato • Honey • Mediterranean Sun


      • Sprinkle over pasta or pizza
      • Add to soups and stews

      Red Jalapeño Chili Flakes

      Our El Jefe–variety Red Jalapeño chili peppers are grown on Fire Tongue Farms in California. Unlike most jalapeño peppers, which are picked while still green, these peppers ripened on the vine, turning bright red and very sweet. They're medium-hot and are perfect for cooking or garnishing, in a tomato sauce, with eggs or on fresh fruit.

      Tasting notes: Summer Tomato • Sugar Cane • High Burn


      • Sprinkle over dips like baba ghanoush and hummus
      • Add to chocolate and fruit for a sweet/spicy kick!

      Cobanero Chili Flakes

      Our Cobanero Chili Flakes are a rare Maya variety of chili pepper with a fierce, bright, slightly smoky heat and a lush, fruity, peachy aroma. The chilis are grown in the mountains around the city of Cobán, Guatemala. They're spicier than serrano peppers and in the same range as cayenne. Perfect for anyone who appreciates true chili flavor!

      Tasting notes: Papaya • Roasted Corn • Fire


      • Add to pots of beans, roasts or braises
      • Add to marinades or sauces for an extra kick

      Noble Sweet Paprika

      Our rich, vibrant Noble Sweet Paprika is grown on a small regenerative farm in the oldest paprika-growing region of Hungary. Perfect for classic Hungarian dishes, this sweet paprika adds richness and depth to anything it touches.

      Tasting notes: Red Peppers • Green Tomato • Turned Earth


      • Add to soups and stews for a gorgeous color and fresh, sweet flavor
      • Make classic Hungarian dishes like goulash, chicken paprikash and stuffed cabbage

      Szegedi 178 Hot Paprika

      Our Szegedi 178 Hot Paprika is grown on a small regenerative farm in the oldest paprika-growing region of Hungary by our partner farmer, Péter. Szegedi 178 is an heirloom variety of hot pepper that has a beautiful aroma and a long, warm burn. The peppers are picked ripe, air-cured in mesh bags, dehydrated, ground and blended with sweet paprika in small batches.

      Tasting notes: Hay Field • Dried Plum • Glowing Coals


      • Add to soups and stews for a hot paprika kick
      • Make classic Hungarian dishes like goulash, chicken paprikash and stuffed cabbage

      Black Urfa Chili

      Our Black Urfa Chili comes from Urfa, Turkey, where it has been grown and cured for centuries. It has a rich, malty flavor with a lingering burn. The chilis ripen to a bright red color, then are laid out under sheets in the hot summer sun. This technique cures the pepper in its own juices and gives it a deep umami flavor and beautiful dark color.

      Tasting notes: Raisin • Espresso • Summer Night


      • Sprinkle over roasted vegetables, eggs, or cooked proteins 
      • Stir into brownie batter or chocolate cookie dough 

      Smoked Chipotle Chili Flakes

      Our Smoked Chipotle Chili peppers are grown on Fire Tongue Farms in California and smoked over fruit tree branches pruned from a nearby orchard. A chipotle is a smoked jalapeño pepper, so these are the darker, deeper siblings to our El Jefe-variety Red Jalapeños. They're medium-hot and are perfect for cooking or garnishing, in a tomato sauce, with eggs or on fresh fruit.

      Tasting notes: Campfire • Roasted Tomato • Hot & Sweet


      • Season grilled meat or veggies for a smoky spiciness
      • Sprinkle over dips like baba ghanoush and hummus

      Kashmiri Chili Powder

      Our Kashmiri Chili Powder is an heirloom variety grown in Kashmir. The chilis are prized for their flavor and vibrant red color, which imparts a beautiful hue to rubs and stews. The rich color and bright, sweet flavor make this chili powder a perfect everyday alternative to cayenne or hot paprika. Ours is hotter than others you may have tried!

      Tasting notes: Grilled Sweet Pepper • Cucumber • Medium Heat


      • Use in a rub for grilled lamb or other meat kebabs
      • Use anywhere you'd use cayenne pepper, chili powder or hot paprika

      Crushed Red Peppers

      This bright, fruity chili blend as a major upgrade to "run-of-the-mill crushed red pepper that's on every table at your local pizzeria." It's ripe with four different chilis, and it has a hint of sweet smokiness and boasts a beautiful, complex, medium heat.

      Ingredients: Silk chili (silk chili flakes, sunflower oil, salt), Cobanero chili, sweet pepper paprika, smoked pimentĂłn paprika

      Cooking tips:

      • Keep on the table and sprinkle over everything!

      Jimmy Nardello Sweet Pepper Flakes

      Our Jimmy Nardello Sweet Pepper Flakes have with tons of sweet, creamy flavor and no heat, and they are perfect for stir-fries, stews, sauces and as a mild alternative to chili flakes. They have shiny, firetruck-red skin and a super-sweet flavor and crispy texture, and they are coveted by chefs and home cooks alike.

      Tasting notes: Cherry • Sun-Dried Tomato • Summer Bounty

      Cooking tips:

      • Add to seasonal stir-fries for a bright, sweet & savory pepper flavor
      • A great chili flake for anyone who wants pepper flavor but is sensitive to heat


      Our Cayenne powder is an heirloom varietal called Arapaho, originally cultivated on the Great Plains. The peppers ripen to full maturity before being picked, and the powder is hot but not overpowering, with a sweeter backbone and slightly gentler bite than other Cayenne varieties. Perfect for adding heat to salsa, soups, stews, beans and roasted veggies.

      Tasting notes: Fresh Peach • Burnt Hay • Flambé

      Cooking tips:

      • Add to soups and stews
      • Sprinkle into a pot of beans or over hummus
      • Spice up cooked veggies and eggs
      • Add heat to salsas
      “They are just so outstanding, any cook would cherish them. They really open your mind to what fresh spices should be.”
      “The spices were among the freshest and most flavorful our panelists have encountered.”



      While we do not make any health claims on any of our spices, there has been some historic and limited recent evidence that chilis can potentially be helpful for:

      • Cancers: Capsaicin shows potential natural cytotoxic and anticancer properties. (ABCDEFG)
      • Increased Longevity: Several studies have shown a significant decrease in mortality associated with regular consumption of chili peppers. (ABC)
      • Cardiovascular Disease, Hypertension and Cholesterol: Diets containing chili peppers have shown a correlation with decreased cardiovascular mortality, improved blood pressure and potential for cholesterol reduction. (ABCD) 
      • Osteoarthritis/Pain: Utilizing capsaicin shows potential improvement associated with  chronic osteoarthritis pain, post-herpetic neuralgia and neuropathy. (ABC)   
      • Digestive Health: Chili peppers and capsaicin have been shown to have a gastroprotective effect in peptic ulcer disease, a beneficial effect on human gut microbiota and gastric emptying, and a potential to improve dysphagia symptoms. (ABCDEF) 
      • Obesity: Regular consumption of capsaicinoids show a reduction in appetite and abdominal fat tissue levels, and an increase of energy expenditure. (ABCDEF)
      • Antimicrobial Benefits: Chilis inhibit various microbial pathogen growth, and have the potential to be used as antimicrobials. (ABCD) 
      • Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes: The target receptor of capsaicin (TRPV1) is present on many metabolically active tissues, and may show potential to treat the cluster of risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome and help regulate blood sugar levels. (AB)

      Further clinical studies are warranted and in progress. Please always consult your healthcare provider. This is not intended as medical advice.

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