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Burlap & Barrel is a Public Benefit Corporation building new international food supply chains that are equitable, transparent and traceable. Read our latest impact report here.

Supporting Smallholder Farmers

We’re working towards ending inequality and exploitation in food systems that disenfranchise skilled farmers.

We do this by:

  • Connecting smallholder farmers to high-value markets
  • Educating consumers about the impact of product traceability on human rights
  • Sourcing unique foods with terroir that are grown biodynamically and organically using traditional techniques

Redefining Sustainability

Mainstream conversations around food sustainability rarely consider the people involved in growing, harvesting, transporting, processing and cooking food. Sustainability is discussed in terms of environmental impact, or the comfort of livestock providing meat, dairy or eggs.

We believe that the standard measures of sustainability must evolve to consider the conditions in which the farmers who drive global food supply chains earn their livelihoods. Single origin ingredients draw attention to the unique environments in which incredible ingredients grow and to the farmers with the expertise and commitment to grow them well.

The Challenge in our Path

Our task is not a straightforward or easy one, but worthwhile things never are. There are several significant challenges to our direct sourcing model:

  • Established industrial food supply chains are slow, opaque and outdated, spanning enormous geographic, cultural and economic distances.
  • Economies of scale value quantity over quality, consolidating products grown by individual producers from different countries and making it impossible to trace foods back to their origin. The lack of traceability increases the risk of contamination and adulteration and reduces special products to bland mediocrity.
  • Consumers in the United States don’t effectively utilize their buying power to fight against abuse of workers and demand equitable food sourcing practices and full traceability.

Building a New Global Supply Chain

Burlap & Barrel sources our spices directly from farmer cooperatives and small farms, bypassing brokers and middlemen who drive prices up and quality down.
We visit farms and spend time with farmers, learning firsthand about the economic, social and cultural factors behind their farming methods, and we support them to improve the quality, quantity, and value of their products.

The farmers that work with Burlap & Barrel benefit from:

  • Purchase commitments to give farmers greater financial security
  • Shared knowledge from across our global farmer network
  • Support in expanding on-site value-added activities such as sorting, grinding, and packaging to increase farmer revenue

The commodity spice industry focuses on a limited set of spices, and grades those spices using outdated measurements largely unrelated to flavor and quality. We work with our partner farmers to identify unique varietals that are often overlooked by the industry – as well as valuable byproducts – to maximize their earnings.

Then we send trucks to the farms to create the shortest supply chain possible.

Thoughtful Sourcing + Shorter Supply Chains = Exceptional Ingredients

Our customers care about cooking with exceptional ingredients. They appreciate the distinctive flavors imparted by the specific environments where our spices are grown, and they understand the importance of supporting small family farms locally and around the world.

A deeper understanding of the provenance of coffee, chocolate, wine, and fresh fruits and vegetables has helped all of us make better decisions about how we eat, and how we use our buying power to advocate for better food for ourselves and our communities.

Burlap & Barrel extends that value system to spices for the first time.

Ethan (L) & Ori (R). Photo Credit: Nichole Sobecki for Popular Mechanics.


We're a small and scrappy team, supported by our network of partner farmers around the world. Want to get in touch? Email us at care@burlapandbarrel.com.

Ethan Frisch | Co-Founder

Ethan is a native New Yorker, entrepreneur and activist around food systems and social justice. Ethan has worked in kitchens as a line cook and pastry chef in New York and London, and as the chef behind Guerrilla Ice Cream. He left kitchens to become a humanitarian aid worker, and worked with NGOs including the Aga Khan Foundation in Afghanistan, Maries Stopes in Sierra Leone, and Doctors Without Borders on the Syrian/Jordanian border.

Ethan leads Burlap & Barrel's sourcing, importing and international logistics, as well as supply relationships with restaurants and manufacturers across North America. He is also an adjunct Chef Instructor at the Institute for Culinary Education in New York City.

He is honored to serve on the Boards of Directors of the Bond Street Theatre, which uses theater to teach conflict resolution and resilience in areas of instability around the world, Restaurant After Hours, addressing the mental health crisis in the restaurant industry, and the student-led racial literacy and justice organization CHOOSE, as well as on the Advisory Board of Fragments Theater, a youth theater company in Palestine. He is also on the Organizing Committee of the Queens International Night Market, and has been an adjunct lecturer at the City College of New York and an instructor with the Experiment in International Living's Leadership Institute. 

He holds a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Conflict Studies and Education and Social Change from the City University of New York, and a Master’s Degree in Violence, Conflict and Development from the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies. 

Ori Zohar | Co-Founder

Ori is an experienced social entrepreneur and the co-founder of Burlap & Barrel, where he leads the company's domestic operations, eCommerce and finances.

Ori's family moved to Baltimore, Maryland from Israel when he was 5 years old. He developed a love of all things food as a kid, learning to cook Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes from his parents. He firmly believes that tahini can improve most dishes.

Ori's entrepreneurial journey started in his teens, when he started a business (poorly) DJ'ing parties. Many other entrepreneurial initiatives followed. Ori first teamed up with Ethan to start Guerrilla Ice Cream, an activist ice cream cart that received a frenzy of media attention, in 2010.

A few years later, he co-founded Sindeo, a venture-backed mortgage company that provided home loans in an open and transparent way. Sindeo raised $32m, helped its customers secure more than $500m in home loans with record-setting customer satisfaction scores. Ori took the startup from idea through acquisition.

Ori's happy to be back in the food world, where eating is an integral part of his job.


Kathryn Boyden | Customer Spice Support 

Kathryn is a counselor, farmer and indigenous language activist. She has worked as a researcher on the organic farm project at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and on organic farms in Sunol, CA. She had a whole life in the Bay Area, in California, which she left to become a language activist and farmer in Oklahoma where she worked growing her tribe’s traditional plants and crops for their heritage seed program.

She currently enjoys working with people as a Career Specialist for the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, addressing dislocated workers needs and helping further their vocational education and employability. As well as instructing tribal youth in speaking their language. Having spent her young adult years in San Francisco and Berkeley, California, she also benefited from incredible restaurants and fresh farm fare. As a foodie and gourmet home cook, she prefers high quality, high vibrational vegan and vegetarian foods.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of California Berkeley, a second Bachelor’s in Cherokee Education, from the Northeastern State University and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology: With a Depth Emphasis from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, CA.


Paola Conery | Business Development & Customer Support

After graduating from McGill University in Montreal with degrees in International Development and Psychology, Paola has spent a decade in the digital marketing space, cutting her teeth at an ad tech start-up. She helped organically scale the company from 10 people and $1MM in sales to upwards of 300 people and $150MM in sales by working on product launches, managing supply accounts and running business development and partnerships.

A foodie since birth and a native New Yorker,  Paola loves to cook and to try new things. She especially loves to travel and eat her way through new cities and countries. At home, shopping at specialty grocery stores and farmers markets gives her a special thrill. She puts Black Urfa and Silk Chili on everything, and her 2 year old daughter especially loves Cured Sumac, which she eats by the handful.


Bayley Freeman | Operations & Customer Support

Bayley is a native Vermonter living in southern California. She's a freelance copy editor and self-taught home cook who discovered Burlap & Barrel after a transformative taste of Zanzibar Black Peppercorns. In her kitchen experiments, she leans heavily on Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything (claim to fame: she's quoted as a reader-fan in the inside cover of the new yellow edition).

Bayley grew up with a dad who cooked dinner every night and parents who published a healthy cooking/eating magazine, and she's always been drawn to the world of flavors (especially tropical fruits) and spices.

From 2011-2013, Bayley lived in Hangzhou, China, with her family. They traveled all over Asia, eating everything and loving most of it. She's also spent a lot of time in Central America and Mexico, where tacos al pastor and pupusas featured heavily. She speaks a little Mandarin and a little more Spanish.

Her favorite food is Uyghur hand-cut noodles with lamb, and her favorite drink is agua de jamaica. Her favorite spices are the warm baking spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, and ginger).

When she's not cooking, you'll find her working out in the garage, going for a hike, reading, and doing her best to raise two children.


Carolyn King | Customer Spice Support

Carolyn comes from a checkered past, as a journalist, correctional social worker and comedian. But, she's always been a true foodie, a cook and a creative. Quick with a joke and a smile, she's happy if she can make you laugh. 


Jake Agans | Director of Operations

Jake started his career in packaging development and has subsequently branched out to broader supply chain roles. First gaining experience working with large CPG companies, and then moving to smaller food companies to implement processes and build teams to support profitable and sustainable growth. Jake has a passion for the outdoors and sustainability, which he believes go hand-in-hand.

Hiking and rock climbing are his pursuits of joy. Traveling and trying new foods are an essential part of his life. Jake grew up in Michigan, landed on the East Coast after graduating from Michigan State, and now proudly considers himself a New Yorker. 

Jake is a lover of all things hot and spicy. Cobanero Chili flakes are now a staple in every dish (especially on a slice of New York's finest)!



Ren Rossini | Restaurant Support

Originally from Oregon, Ren grew up with an unmanicured garden where flowers, herbs and vegetables intermingled with a mother who is obsessed with Chez Panisse and and a father who has a miraculously green thumb.  As a result, her love of food started at a young age and has not faded since.

She is a food lover by birth and a butcher and salumi-maker by trade. She worked as a butcher and production manager in San Francisco for six years before deciding she wanted a more holistic understanding of salumi-making and traveled to Tuscany to work on an organic farm.  There she participated in all aspects of raising, slaughtering, butchering and preserving the Italian heritage hogs before coming back to San Francisco and applying her skills in the restaurant industry. She has a passion for teaching and has led classes in butchery - her favorite of which was an all-women’s whole-hog butchery class.

She is endlessly curious and is currently learning as much as she can about the high-desert plants and animals that live around her new home.  She loves to travel, most recently to Mexico, Spain and Vietnam and when she’s home she can be found cooking new recipes, reading, taking long walks with her senior dog and scrambling over boulders.


Claire Mosteller | Communications

Claire is a NYC-based digital marketer and content creator. She grew up in Honolulu, Hawai'i before attending New York University's Tisch School of The Arts where she received a BFA in Theater. After college, she spent six years with Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group where she turned her 'survival job' at the since-closed Blue Smoke and Jazz Standard into a career in social media and marketing. In addition to her social media consulting work, Claire is the Head of Community for Studio ATAO, a nonprofit community think tank empowering ordinary people with the tools to integrate social impact into their daily lives. In her spare time, Claire likes to watch anime, visit art galleries, experiment in the kitchen, and eat her way across the world.



Breanne Wroughton | Wholesale & Customer Support 

Bree was born in Peru and moved with her family to Costa Rica as a baby, where she lived until she graduated from high school. Raised in the expat community, she has always felt at home in lots of places and cultural contexts, though has never quite been able to give a simple answer when asked where she is from. Since then, Bree has lived all over the United States with stints in Peru and East Africa, before finally settling with her husband and daughter in New Mexico. 

She has worked in fair trade, retail, farming, agricultural education, and restaurant management & hospitality. In fact she used to buy Burlap & Barrel spices for the cafe/bakery where she worked before joining the team. In her professional life she keeps coming back to food -- be it through food that is beautifully grown, prepared or sourced. 

When she’s not helping our grocery and specialty shop partners with their orders, or answering customer questions, you can find her stirring a pot of beans, working in her garden, reading to her daughter, or out on a walk near her home in New Mexico.

Founding Board

Our Founding Board Members are Burlap & Barrel's advisors, promoters and guides. Collectively, they’ve lived in dozens of countries and speak a whole lot of languages. Their involvement is as volunteers and they receive no payment nor hold any financial stake in the company. We're so grateful for their guidance and support.

Special thanks to Jacquelyn Morris for graphic design, SOGA Design Collective for photography, and David Soto-Karlin for videography.