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Single Origin Spices

Beautiful spices, equitably sourced

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Burlap & Barrel sells vibrant spices from small farms around the world.

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Our spices came from Burlap & Barrel, and they were amazing.

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About Burlap & Barrel

Burlap & Barrel works directly with spice farms and cooperatives around the world to bring beautiful, unique spices to professional and home chefs in the United States. We extend farm to table values to spices for the first time, emphasizing the terroir of unique varietals that are grown, harvested and dried using traditional techniques.

Our spices are grown by our artisan partner farmers in Tanzania, Afghanistan, Guatemala, Turkey, Spain, Egypt and Indonesia who pride themselves on the incredible flavor of their products. Our spices are grown, harvested and dried naturally and transported whole and in small quantities to ensure peak freshness, and by circumventing outdated networks of brokers and middlemen, we ensure complete traceability. They are naturally free of gluten and other additives, colorings, anti-caking agents and fillers and are grown using traditionally organic methods.

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