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Saveur Blends

Eat the world! Trio of savory blends made in collaboration with SAVEUR magazine.

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Why Burlap & Barrel?

  • Single origin spices sourced directly from small farms
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Eat the world! We developed this trio of super-savory, wide-ranging blends with the folks at SAVEUR Magazine, which re-launched in print in March 2024 after years of being out of print. Kat Craddock and team developed these blends that pay homage to some of SAVEUR's most famous recipes from over the years, and we brought them to life with our single origin spices from around the world.


Gumbo (2.8 oz glass jar)

“The robust, peppery flavors of SAVEUR’s gold-medal gumbo recipes — all wrapped up in one workhorse blend. Add by the tablespoon to hearty soups and stews, or sprinkle on twice-baked potatoes, scrambled eggs, grilled buttered corn or roasted vegetables for depth and just enough heat.” -Kat

Ingredients: Garlic, black pepper, sweet paprika, kosher salt, coriander, shallot, red jalapeño chili, allspice 

Chicken Basquaise (2.5 oz glass jar)

“Bring home the warm flavors of Spain and southwest France with this versatile, subtly smoky blend that's ideal for poultry, Mediterranean stews and low-and-slow beans and chickpeas. For roast meats and chicken, rub on 1 teaspoon (plus 1 teaspoon oil) per pound.” -Kat

Ingredients: Smoked pimentón paprika, shallot powder, tomato powder, hyssop thyme, garlic, kosher salt, black pepper, coriander, bay leaves 

Ceviche (2.6 oz glass jar)

“The soaring citrusy flavors of ceviche come together in this palate-popping blend. Shake a teaspoon into salad dressings for hits of umami and tartness, or  sprinkle the spice over legumes, burgers, or grilled shrimp kebabs for a surprising zing.” -Kat

Ingredients: Shallot, ginger, garlic, kosher salt, coriander, fermented white pepper, black lime, Cobanero chili 


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SAVEUR is an independent media company and newly relaunched biannual print magazine specializing in international foodways.Our readers include passionate home cooks, culinary pros, and enthusiasts eager to “Eat The World.”

Since 1994, our network of global contributors has been reporting a wellspring of diverse, surprising stories that set us apart from our competitors and bring everyone to the proverbial table.

Through our immersive travel guides, rigorously tested recipes, transportive news features, and more, SAVEUR is an invaluable resource for planning culinary adventures big and small.

More at and @saveurmag 

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