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Black Urfa Chili Chocolate Bar

Deliciously fruity, spicy chocolate bar made by Goodnow Farms with our Black Urfa chili.

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This luxurious and tantalizingly spicy single-origin chocolate bar was made in collaboration with Goodnow Farms. These chocolate bars are handmade in every sense of the word, right down to the individual wrapping of each bar. The result is a luxurious bar of chocolate that is some of the best we have ever tasted!

Tom and Monica, the chocolate-makers at Goodnow Farms in Sudbury, Massachusetts, were playing with the recipe for a spicy chocolate bar, but they found that most of the chili peppers they tried only added heat, and they wanted something more. The complex flavors of our Black Urfa Chili were just the ticket, and they paired it with their single-origin Zorzal Comunitario cacao from the Dominican Republic.

Like us, Monica and Tom are obsessed with quality sourcing — they buy raw cacao directly from farmers throughout Latin America, ensuring fair compensation for the farmers and incredible-quality cacao for us. They visit the farms personally, trade directly with the farmers, and find unique cacao that they roast the cacao at their 225-year-old-farm. They are one of the few craft chocolate-makers who press their own cocoa butter.



Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA


Black Urfa Chili is incorporated into roasted cacao and sugar to make this chocolate bar


Single-origin cacao beans, organic cane sugar, single-origin cocoa butter (Zorzal), black Urfa chili (black Urfa chili, sunflower oil, salt)

May contain trace amounts of peanuts and tree nuts.

Cooking tips


Serving size: 55g
Servings per bar: 1

Calories 330 cal
Total fat
23g (29% DV) 
Saturated fat 13g (65%DV)
Trans fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0mg (0% DV)
20mg (1% DV)
Total Carbs 24g (9%DV)
10g (36%DV)
Sugars (incl added)
13g (Includes 13g added sugar) (26% DV)
Protein 6g
Vitamin D (0% DV)
Calcium (2%DV)
Iron (6% DV)
Potassium (6%DV)


Goodnow Farms is a single-origin chocolate company that hand-makes each chocolate bar on their farm. They purchase raw cacao directly from farmers throughout South America, which enables them to ensure that farmers are fairly compensated and that the farming practices that they are using are sustainable. Like coffee, different cacao beans have different flavors. By using beans sourced from only one farm or region, they are able to highlight the distinct flavor characteristics of that particular bean. Learn more about Goodnow Farms

The 1000-acre Zorzal Reserve in the Dominican Republic was originally envisioned as a pure conservation land trust approach to preserve biodiversity, using the Bicknell’s thrush as a landmark species. However, shortly after the reserve was designated in 2012, founder Charles Kerchner saw an opportunity to not only help local farmers receive higher prices for their cacao but also to raise funds to help with management of the reserve. This was the inspiration for Zorzal Cacao. For more information and pictures from the trip, please visit the Zorzal Cacao page  and the Zorzal website.

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