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Esselstyn Family Collection

Collection of 6 spices curated by the Esselstyn family for health. Ships free.

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This collection is curated by the Esselstyn Family, whose mission is to heal through whole food, plant-based nutrition. It features the Esselstyns' favorite spices for flavor and health. This collection ships for free within the US.

The Esselstyn Family Collection includes 6 full-sized jars of spices packed in a beautiful box. Why these 6 spices? Well, let's kick it over to Jane to share how they came up with this selection:

Royal Cinnamon: "Who knew how fresh and sweet cinnamon could taste?! It makes our Banana Bread Oatmeal."

Smoked PimentĂłn Paprika: "Showcases the marriage of red pepper and fire with lingering flavor."

Purple Stripe Garlic: "Tastes clove-fresh!"

Sun-Dried Tomato Powder: "Our secret for tomato-based dishes like chilis and pasta sauce, and even atop our cheese-less pizza."

Wild Mountain Cumin: "Makes us wild for slow-cooked beans or a quick snack of hummus."

New Harvest Turmeric: "Bright and potent, it feels like it decreases inflammation by just smelling or looking at it!"

Learn more about the Esselstyn Family and their work at

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Heirloom Spices Yes No No
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Knows Farmers Names Yes No Unlikely
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