Çilbir-Inspired Eggs

Recipe and photo by Carly Sutherland / @onegoodcookblog

Serves 2


Herb Sauce
2 scallions roughly chopped
1/4 cup parsley⁣
1/4 cup cilantro ⁣
1/4 cup basil ⁣
1/4 cup olive oil ⁣
2-3 tsp za’atar⁣
Good squeeze of lemon⁣
Salt and black pepper to taste⁣ ⁣

Urfa Biber Eggs
1 cup full-fat Greek yogurt (or sub plain lactose-free/coconut yogurt)⁣
1 small clove garlic ⁣
3 tbsp unsalted butter ⁣
2 tsp Burlap & Barrel Black Urfa Chili
1 tsp Burlap & Barrel Silk Chili
4 eggs ⁣
Rocket/arugula or other fresh greens ⁣
Salt and pepper to taste
Burlap & Barrel Cured Sumac to taste


Start by making the herb sauce: Put all ingredients into a small blender or mortar and pestle and blend until smooth paste. Taste as you go and adjust to your preference!⁣

  1. Yogurt base: Finely grate 1 small garlic clove into 1.5 your yogurt. Season with salt and pepper and set aside.
  2. Chili butter: Put your chilies into a small bowl. Melt the butter in a small pan over low heat until it’s turned lovely and brown (don’t let it burn!), then pour over your chilies and stir well. ⁣

  3. Prepare your plates: start with a round pool of your yogurt mix on one side of the plate. Add a nice big spoonful of the herb sauce next to it, and put your greens in the free space. ⁣

  4. Lastly - poach your eggs! Get the water to simmering (not a rolling boil) and season with salt. Strain your first raw egg through a fine mesh sieve so the stringy bits of white fall away, and pop it in a cup. Stir your water one way (e.g. clockwise) so it creates a little vortex, and drop your first egg in the middle - this will help the white wrap around the yolk and not go stringy. Repeat with your other eggs - I recommend using a pretty big pot and only having two in at once, so the eggs don’t stick. After 2-3 minutes take your eggs out with a slotted spoon and gently remove any excess water with a paper towel. ⁣

  5. Place two eggs per plate on top of the yogurt. Drizzle the chili butter liberally over your eggs and greens, and season everything with salt, pepper, and sumac. 

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  • This was amazing! That chili butter is so flavorful, we also spread it all over the naan we had to accompany this meal. I mean really, five stars all around!


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