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Honey Hibiscus Vinegar

Slightly sweet, lively, tangy vinegar made with mead and our Egyptian hibiscus

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Were you one of those kids that loved tart candy? This vinegar is for you. Honey, Desert Hibiscus and mead come together to make a slightly sweet, lively vinegar that is perfect for your favorite vinaigrette or to simply brighten sparkling water.

This vinegar was created by co-fermenting a New England small-batch mead with Desert Hibiscus. Fresh ginger adds to the brightness of this vinegar and the slight sweetness comes from raw honey from Vermont that is added to the aged vinegar.

Note: Your vinegar will very likely have small floaters. This is a product of raw honey coming together with strands of vinegar mother. Both of which are completely natural, do not impact the flavor of the vinegar, and are a consequence of neither the honey, nor the vinegar being filtered or heat treated which allows for more complex flavors.



Worcester, Massachusetts, USA


Co-fermented with fresh ginger and Desert Hibiscus. Aged and finished with raw honey from Vermont. Minimum acidity 4.25%.


Honey wine vinegar, honey, fresh ginger, hibiscus

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American Vinegar Works makes great vinegar because they love to use great vinegar. They are artisanal makers dedicated exclusively to the small batch fermentation of vinegars that enhance cooking and cocktails.

American Vinegar Works founder Rodrigo and Burlap & Barrel co-founder Ori first connected in early 2020, when Rodrigo was still scouting for the ideal location to set up the company's traditional small-batch vinegar works. Rodrigo talked about the opportunity and the risks of leaving a steady salary behind to start his career as a food entrepreneur, and a lot of questions about how we took a similar leap at Burlap & Barrel. By mid-2021, he had broken ground on the facility in Massachusetts, and today we’re ready to introduce our first collaboration together.

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