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Choose between 6 or 13 beautiful spices selected for bakers. Add depth, warmth, and complexity into cookies and cakes, puddings and pies, scones and muffins, crisps and cobblers. Packed in a beautiful box and ships for free within the US.

At Burlap & Barrel we have our own resident staff baker, and she put together a selection of spices that are essential to any baker's pantry. But rest assured, these spices are great for enthusiastic budding bakers and experienced pastry chefs alike.

Available in a 6-pack Baker's Half Dozen, which includes our fridge-brightening magnets, or a 13-pack Baker's Dozen, with a bonus set of our cotton kitchen towels.

The Baker's Half Dozen includes these 6 spices, plus our fridge-brightening magnets:

  1. Royal Cinnamon 
  2. Wild Mesquite 
  3. Morogoro Cacao 
  4. Cloud Forest Cardamom (Ground Pods) 
  5. Stone Nutmeg 
  6. Buffalo Ginger

The Baker's Dozen includes everything in the 6-pack, a bonus set of our cotton kitchen towels, plus:

  1. Ground Pemba Cloves 
  2. Sweet Allspice 
  3. Raki Anise Seeds 
  4. Smoked Star Anise 
  5. Nyanza Vanilla Extract Kit 
  6. Desert Hibiscus 
  7. Lucknow Fennel 

“If there’s a spice lover in your life who’s more into sweet than spicy, we also recommend the Baking Collection, an excellent starter kit that includes, among other things, cinnamon that will blow your mind.”