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Wind-Blown Sea Salt

Extraordinary sea salt formed by winds, this is your everyday salt — elevated.

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This spectacular sea salt is formed in salt pans by evaporating the aquamarine seawater of Tanzania's Swahili Coast. The strong northern Kaskazi winds blow the salt into fine crystals with a bright, mineral flavor profile and versatile texture. Perfect for cooking, baking, pickling, finishing and garnishing, this is your everyday salt — elevated!



Bagamoyo, Tanzania


Sea salt from the Swahili Coast is formed into tiny pearls as winds sweep over the salt pans.


Sea salt (NaCl)

Tasting notes:

Turquoise Seas • Coral Sands • Fine Crunch

Cooking tips

  • This is your everyday sea salt for cooking and finishing
  • Add to salad dressings, marinades, rubs, soups and stews
  • Sprinkle over finished dishes like steak, vegetables and chicken
  • Stir into a pot of cooked beans
  • Use as a finishing salt on cookies, brownies, cakes and truffles


Sourcing image

This salt comes from a sustainable, family-run salt farm based in Tanzania that has been producing salt for over 70 years. They use a solar production system, using the sun and wind to evaporate brine and create salt crystals from pristine Indian Ocean seawater, far from any human influence. 

The salt-making process requires patience and planning. Aquamarine seawater is pumped into gravity-fed reservoir pans, then turns into brine through solar and wind evaporation. The brine then flows to shallow crystallizer ponds and gradually evaporates. Further evaporation allows the salt to precipitate from the brine, forming a salt crust on the floor of the crystallizer pond. The salt is then hand-harvested and placed into small mounds outside the pond to air-dry. Once dry, it is sieved to the desired size.

Our supplier works with the local community on education, health, infrastructure and entrepreneurial opportunities, and they have created a network of freshwater pumps that provides freshwater to the nearby villages. They also maintain the main road, enabling access in the dry season. They are proud to have built three school buildings in the area as well, providing furniture, freshwater infrastructure and school supplies.

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