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We teamed up with the home cooking superstars from the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen to bring you three essential kitchen blends that take dishes from meh to OMG-I-need-seconds-right-now.

Naturally sweet Everything Nice Baking Spice adds warm depth to all of your baked goods, while The Umami Blend combines our collection’s umami powerhouses into one bold, savory spice melange, and the Spicy & Smoky Grilling Rub tastes like spicy, tangy barbecue on a cloudless afternoon.


A blend of the test kitchen's favorite baking spices: Warm cinnamon and cardamom play well with the citrus overtones of coriander, while star anise and wild mesquite bring a musky, beguiling smokiness. 

Size: 2.1 oz glass jar
Ingredients: Royal cinnamon, coriander, wild mesquite, smoked star anise, cardamom
Tasting notes: Sweet • Warm • Smoky

  • Use as a 1:1 replacement for ground spices in cakes, pies, cookies or any other dessert.
  • Add a sprinkle to a mug of hot chocolate
  • Spice up maple syrup for pouring over pancakes
  • Substitute for ground cinnamon in coffee cake, snickerdoodles, banana bread and apple fritters


This savory blend combines black mineral salt with layers of umami-rich flavors, like earthy onion and garlic, intense tomato and paprika, and smoky-hot chili and black pepper. It makes everything it touches taste like a better version of itself.

Size: 2.3 oz glass jar
Ingredients: Onion powder, garlic powder, black mineral salt, tomato powder, smoked paprika, silk chili, black pepper, hing
Tasting notes: Savory • Warm • Pungent

  • Sprinkle on rice bowls
  • Shower over deviled eggs, popcorn, cooked proteins, salads or any vegetable
  • Blend into salad dressings
  • Add to rubs and marinades


The one-two punch from chipotle and fiery black pepper is balanced by the bright herbal notes from coriander and fennel, and Urfa chili adds fruity depth. It strikes the perfect balance between smoky, savory, and herbal notes rounded out by a medium heat.

Size: 1.7 oz glass jar
Ingredients: Black Urfa chili, coriander seeds, black peppercorns, chipotle chili flakes, fennel
Tasting notes: Espresso • Caramel • Citrus

We've been working with Bon Appétit's impeccable Test Kitchen to dream up a series of new spice blends that will level up any cook. These are blends that the Test Kitchen always wanted, and now we're making them a reality. 

Easy to use, versatile, and perfectly balanced - these are fundamental blends that will make anyone from a new cook to a professional chef smile.