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Chili Crisp

Savory, slightly spicy chili crisp made in collaboration with Milu.

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Why Burlap & Barrel?

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In the realm of chili crisps, this one is more savory than spicy, with a beautiful depth of flavor. It goes well with everything. Just make sure to get some of the crunchy bits at the bottom along with every spoonful.

We know Connie Chung from her days as the sous chef at the legendary three-Michelin-starred Eleven Madison Park. In fact, she deserves most of the credit for getting our spices on the menu! If you had a chance to dine there, you might have even had our coriander on their roast duck.

While New York was closed down due to the pandemic, Connie and her partners were hard at work setting up Milu, a casual eatery inspired by historic Hong Kong–style cafes, just a block away from her old gig. The menu features delicious dishes like Yunnan Brisket, Sichuan Spiced Cauliflower, and Pineapple Buns.

Connie knew she wanted to make her own chili crisp from scratch at Milu, and we were more than happy to collaborate. The result is a chili crisp that's nutty, crunchy, spicy, savory. It incorporates our Black Urfa Chili, Silk Chili, Robusta Black Pepper, Wild Mountain Cumin, Cloud Forest Cardamom and more.



New York, USA


Canola oil, ground chilies, spices, soybeans, preserved black beans, onion, garlic, kosher salt, granulated sugar, mushroom powder

Allergens: Contains soy and peanuts. Produced in the same facility as soy, peanut, sesame, and dairy products.


From Milu co-founders Connie, Vincent and Milan:

Milu (米路), pronounced as [mee-loo], has a double meaning. In a literal sense, it means “rice road” but it also sounds like the Chinese words for 迷路, which means “getting lost." Because of our different backgrounds and relationships to Chinese food, our menu is not bound by traditions, so to us the name works on both levels.

Our aesthetic is inspired by historic Hong Kong-style cafes and their cultural significance in serving affordable, Canto-Western food. Our menu celebrates the infinite variety of flavors, ingredients and techniques that define regional Chinese cooking, as well as everything we’ve learned from our own experiences living and cooking in NYC.

We want Milu to be a casual, comforting experience that reflects the evolution of both Chinese and American dining culture––whether you’re dining in with us or eating at home.

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