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Everything Brownie

Sweet blend that tastes exactly like brownie batter, for sprinkling over fruit, cookies, popcorn and more.

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"Who hasn't been tempted to sneak a taste of brownie batter, straight off the spatula?" asks Benjamin the Baker, our collaborator on this sweet sprinkling blend. Everything Brownie achieves Benjamin's childhood dream of sneaking the luxurious flavor of brownies into every snack and dessert, right out of the jar. Sprinkle it over coffee, fruit, popcorn, yogurt, oatmeal and any sweet snack or dessert to bring big brownie flavor — no oven needed!



Panela cane sugar (48%), cacao powder, non-diastatic malt powder*, wild mesquite, Nyanza vanilla powder, kosher salt (2%)
*Contains barley

Tasting notes:

Ooey • Gooey • Chocolatey

Cooking tips

  • Browned Butter Brownie Brioche Toast
  • Brownie-doodles
  • Brownie Challah French Toast
  • Prepare a bowl of fresh berries cut into bite-size pieces. Top the berries with whipped cream and a sprinkle of Everything Brownie.
  • Mix a few shakes with your favorite cereal and pour your preferred milk over top. Don’t forget to enjoy that sweet, brownie cereal milk at the end!
  • Pop a fresh batch of popcorn, and, while it’s still hot, sprinkle Everything Brownie over the top. Stir the popcorn to distribute the seasoning and enjoy.
  • Sprinkle over ice cream, coffee, oatmeal, whipped cream or cream cheese.


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A teacher by day and a baker by night, Benjamin creates videos to empower and educate home bakers, professionals, and everyone in between. He draws on a decade of experience in bakeries to craft experiments and demonstrations that illustrate the scientific principles behind how recipes work. His ultimate goal is to equip bakers with the knowledge that will inspire joy and creativity in the kitchen. For this blend, we did rounds and rounds of testing and collaboration to hone in on just the right amount of sweetness, saltiness, and chocolate with accents of vanilla.

Learn more at @benjaminthebaker

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