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Buffalo Ginger

An heirloom variety that packs a punch, fruity and floral.

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Our ground Buffalo Ginger is an heirloom ginger variety grown by a group of farmers in the mountains of northern Vietnam. Known for its fruity, floral aroma and powerful heat, this is a complex and flavorful ginger powder that will elevate baked goods, stews and curries, and beverages from hot drinks to cocktails.

In Vietnam, this ginger is used with chicken, soup, rice, and candy. It’s also been used for medicinal purposes — to calm upset stomachs, restore appetite, and support the immune system. Any way you slice it, this is a spicy, wonderfully intense ginger.


Origin: Cao Bằng, Vietnam

Dried with hot air, then ground

Tasting notes:

Pineapple • Fresh Herbs • Bright Heat


non gmo clear
non irradiated clear
no preservatives clear
Salt Free
Ingredients: Ginger, ground (Zingiber officinale)

Cooking tips

Amount fresh
Amound dried

  • Add to apple pies, cookies, cakes and other baked goods
  • Use in place of fresh ginger in soups, stir-fries and braises
  • Mix ¼ teaspoon with water and honey for a potent ginger tea (or skip the water and stir a pinch of ginger into honey)

"Surprisingly spicy with notes of pineapple and fresh herbs. Adds a kick to anything it's used in."


Sourcing image

We worked with our longtime partners at DACE, a social enterprise in the northern highlands of Vietnam, to connect with the farmers growing the spices for this blend. DACE works with farmers in the Hmong ethnic minority to transition to growing high-value, heirloom spices using regenerative practices. Farming in the remote highlands of northern Vietnam is not easy. The region's mountainous landscape and climate aren't suitable for producing large food crops such as rice or corn. Growing spice varieties allows farmers to use traditional organic practices on small fields, which are irrigated by collected rain water.

Buffalo Ginger was the first crop that farmers began to grow in collaboration with DACE. The regional conditions and soil quality resulted in an intense, flavorful ginger perfect for dehydrating and grinding. DACE supplies training and seedlings to farmers and sterilizes, dries and grind the freshly harvested spices and prepares them for export. They control the quality of their products and provide meaningful economic opportunities from seedling to export.

DACE, named for the small, resilient river fish of the same name, plays an important role in partnering with local farmers to facilitate these economic opportunities, drive gender equality and move toward more sustainable agricultural practices.


While we do not make any health claims on any of our spices, there has been some historic and recent evidence that ginger can potentially be helpful for:

  • Digestion & Gastrointestinal Health: Demonstrates promising data for the treatment of nausea, vomiting and motion sickness, has potential to stimulate digestive enzymes and increase gastric emptying, and is being explored as an option for other GI issues including IBS and indigestion. 
  • (ABCD)
  • Heart & Circulatory System Protection: Shows some potential cardioprotective effects, including cholesterol modification and improvement, and possible future antiplatelet therapy. (ABCD)

  • Blood Sugar Regulation & Diabetes: May be used to control blood sugar levels in Type 2 Diabetes, and improve upon long term glucose control. (ABC)

  • Antibacterial, Antiviral and Antifungal Properties: Ginger provides some natural bacterial, viral and fungal growth inhibition. (AB)

  • Cancers: Ginger compounds have been shown to interfere with certain types of cancers, such as colorectal, gastric and liver cancers. (ABCDE)
  • Allergies & Respiratory Symptoms: Reduces allergy symptoms, provides protective respiratory effects, and relaxes airway smooth muscle. Current studies are also ongoing for possible treatment of COVID-19. 

Further clinical studies are warranted and in progress. Please always consult your healthcare provider. This is not intended as medical advice.

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