Laurel Bay Leaves
Laurel Bay Leaves
Laurel Bay Leaves

Laurel Bay Leaves

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Bright, savory laurel bay leaves from Denizli, Turkey, with an herbal, green tea undertone. Perfect for soups, stews, pasta sauces, and pickles. The key to getting the most out of bay leaves is to use them in dishes where they can cook for enough time to extra the flavor. Once the dish is ready, remove the bay leaves before serving.

  • Origin: Denizli, Turkey
  • Process: Sun-dried
  • Ingredients: 100% laurel bay leaves (Laurus nobilis)
  • Tasting notes: Savory • Vegetal • Green Tea
  • Drop a few leaves into your chili, soup or stew early in the recipe
  • Add depth jar with 1-2 leaves in each your pickling jar
  • Add a handful to whatever you're slow cooking next
  • Pairs well withNile Coriander, Desert Fennel, Zanzibar Peppercorns
Categories: Flavor: Aromatic & Complex Flavor: Delicate & Floral Flavor: Herbal Type: Everyday Basics Type: New Use: Grains & Pasta Use: Meat & Poultry Use: Soups & Stews