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Tokyo Negi Scallions

Dried, chopped scallions, a perfect garnish and easy substitute for fresh.

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Our Tokyo Negi Scallions are grown on the famous Norwich Meadows Farm in upstate New York, which supplies organic vegetables to chefs at NYC's best restaurants. A long, thick variety of scallion, these become sweet and aromatic when cooked. Use them as a sub for fresh scallions in braises, stir-fries and noodle dishes, or as a garnish in soups, stews and dips. Fold them into doughs and dips, sprinkle them over rice, or eat 'em straight from the jar!

Norwich Meadows Farm grows this variety of scallions because the chefs they work with prefer them for the succulent, sweet, fragrant flavor. They are also more versatile than other varieties of scallions. Negi scallions have been a staple of Japanese cuisine for centuries, and are part of the Oishii Nippon project. They have a long history in Japan, where they are sent as gifts, including to the imperial family. 



Norwich Meadows Farm, New York, USA


Chopped and air-dried


Negi scallions, dried (Allium fistulosum)

Tasting notes:

Spring Onion • Miso • Browned Bits

Cooking tips

  • Sub for fresh scallions in any dish
  • Use as a garnish for ramen, stir-fried noodles, or any noodle dish
  • Fold into cream cheese or sour cream for dips
  • Mix into biscuit or scallion pancake dough


Sourcing image

Norwich Meadows Farm owners Zaid and Haifa Kurdieh have built their reputation among chefs by selecting crops for flavor and texture instead of yield. Norwich Meadows Farm is a certified organic farm in Chenango County, NY, grounded in nourishment for our bodies and our environment. They are committed not only to growing exceptional food, but also to preserving and stewarding the agricultural land that they farm, through soil management and biodiversity (they grow over 1,300 varieties of plants on the 250-acre farm).

The Kurdiehs' commitment to biodiversity has also made Norwich Meadows Farm a favorite among many of New York's most popular chefs. Priya Krishna wrote a great piece for the New York Times describing the farm, Zaid's love of flavor and his unconventional farming techniques.

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