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Limestone Rosemary

Classic French rosemary with beautiful terroir and a piney, citrusy flavor.

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Our piney, aromatic rosemary is grown organically in Provence by a cooperative of partner farmers. It boasts a rich, complex, clean flavor that is the result of both careful farming practices and a superlative terroir. This superlative rosemary is one of the four components of our origin blend Herbes de Provence.

Provence is known for its wines, which benefit from the limestone-rich soil, and that same soil nurtures our rosemary. It's harvested in early summer, when the small, verdant needles are cut and dried as they ripen to a brilliant green. We pack it as quickly as possible to preserve the delicate oils that give this herb its signature citrus-peel flavor.

Add this terroir-driven rosemary to braises, sauces, stews, rubs, baked chicken and mushroom galettes. Or try it in a white bean soup!



Provence, France


Cut and dried


Rosemary leaves (Salvia rosmarinus), cut and dried

Tasting notes:

Juniper • Citrus Peel • Pine Forest

Cooking tips

  • Sub for fresh rosemary in any recipe
  • Add to soups and stews
  • Use in braises for chicken, red meat and root vegetables


Sourcing image

Our French herbs are truly incredible because of the farmers who grow them — pictured here are Joel and Luc, on the farm in Provence. Joel and Luc work with a cooperative of smallholder farmers in Provence who cultivate organic heirloom herbs with specific terroir.

The farmers grow four types of herbs: savory, thyme, oregano and this spectacular rosemary. 

When we visited the farms in 2022, we were bowled over by the freshness of the dried herbs. The quality of the herbs and the drying process they use means that these herbs are miles fresher-tasting than anything you've ever had before!

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