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Crushed Red Peppers

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Dan Richer, founder of the famous Razza pizzeria in Jersey City, NJ developed this bright, fruity chili blend as a major upgrade to what he calls the "run-of-the-mill crushed red pepper that's on every table at your local pizzeria." It's ripe with four different chilis (Silk ChiliCobanero ChiliSmoked Pimentón Paprika and sweet paprika). It has a hint of sweet smokiness and boasts a beautiful, complex, medium heat.

The blend is obviously fantastic on pizza, but trust us — you're going to want to put it on everything!


Jersey City, NJ, USA


Silk chili (silk chili flakes, sunflower oil, salt), Cobanero chili, sweet pepper paprika, smoked pimentón paprika

Tasting notes:

Sweet Heat • Brick Oven •Perfect Pie

  • Keep on the table and sprinkle over everything!

We're equal-opportunity pizza enthusiasts over here at B&B. That's why we weren't surprised when we saw the NYT article asking, "Is New York's Best Pizza in New Jersey?" about the amazing pies our friends at Razza in Jersey City are making. Needless to say, we were excited (like, really excited) when Dan Richer, founder of Razza, wanted to collaborate on making his chili blend dreams come true.

Razza, based in Jersey City, NJ, is committed to the joy of pizza. Dan Richer and his team have a shared purpose: make the perfect pizza. They know it's a lofty goal, so they continue to search out the very best ingredients and hone their technique with every pizza they make. Each ingredient is carefully selected, from the locally milled flour to the cream they use to make their own butter. They are inspired and guided by the Italian way of cooking an eating, letting the seasons and location dictate their menu.

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