Cloud Forest Cardamom (Ground Pods)
Cloud Forest Cardamom (Ground Pods)
Cloud Forest Cardamom (Ground Pods)
Cloud Forest Cardamom (Ground Pods)

Cloud Forest Cardamom (Ground Pods)

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This ground cardamom is from whole pods, ground into a coarse powder. It's ideal for stews, rices and savory dishes, but for baked goods you may need to grind it further into a finer powder texture.

Our cardamom is grown on a single estate in the cloud forests of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, a biodynamic farm using traditional organic methods. The farm emphasizes workers' rights, sustainability and fair business practices. The terroir is ideal for cardamom, which thrives in humid, high altitude environments with plenty of rainfall. The comparatively low temperatures in the mountains during the harvest season (November-January) ensures high levels of fragrant essential oils.

Our cardamom is sweet and tart, reminiscent of summer fruits, fresh herbs and cut grass. The cardamom fruit turns yellow as it ripens and has a slightly softer, sweeter flavor than standard green cardamom - but is perfect in recipes that call for green cardamom.

  • Origin: Alta Verapaz, Guatemala
  • Aliases: green cardamom, elaichi, hel
  • Process: Hot air dried
  • Ingredients: 100% ground cardamom pods (Elettaria cardamomum)
  • Tasting notes: Ginger • Apricots • Jungle Flowers



Guatemala exports 80% of the world’s cardamom, but the spice is virtually unknown in local markets. It is grown exclusively for export, mostly on tiny plots by indigenous farmers in the country’s remote mountainous region. A general lack of understanding of the spice’s usage, as well as the commoditization of the crop and near monopolization of the industry by a very small number of major exporters, keep small producers from cultivating higher quality products or accessing high-value markets. They grow tiny quantities of cardamom, which they must sell to coyotes and other middlemen as quickly as possible before the quality degrades. The structures of the industry keep farmers in a weak negotiating position that de-emphasizes quality and stifles farmers’ earning potential.

Our cardamom is grown on one of the only single-estate cardamom farms in Guatemala, which is also one of the only farms to manage the supply chain in its entirety, from cultivation to harvesting, drying, and export. They are constantly innovating, experimenting with cloning and other state of the art techniques to produce the finest spice possible. Cardamom is officially graded only by its size and green color - however, those factors don’t correlate to flavor. Yellow cardamom, however, is allowed to ripen fully, resulting in softer, fruitier, and overall more complex flavor.

Meet the Farmer: Amilcar Pereira planted his first cardamom vine when he was 9. In the years since then, he has succeeded in creating the only vertically-integrated cardamom operation in Guatemala. His farming practices produce cardamom is so good that Saveur called him "the farmer shaking up the Guatemalan cardamom trade"

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United States United States
Cloud Forest cardamon

I was disappointed. I love the smell and flavor of cardamom and this one had very little of either.

John H.
United States United States

Best cardamon when you want it ground and don't have the time or energy to grind the pods! love using it in spice mixes, in sauces, mixed in marscapone or ice cream amazing aroma!

Mike K.
United States United States
Dreaming in Stockholm

This add to my cinnamon rolls or just cardamom rolls is easy and takes me back in time to Scandinavia when I would get coffee and rolls.

United States United States
Great cardamom

The first thing to notice is the floral scent, perfect and not too strong. The flavor is great. Overall I find cooking with it a pleasure.

Denise M.
United States United States
LOVE LOVE LOVE Cloud Forest Cardamom

It's bright and aromatic and has elevated every dish I put it in. Cardamom was one of those spices I rarely reached for. Now it's become a new staple in my cooking.