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  • New spices every season
    Spice Club boxes ship seasonally in February, May, August & November.
  • How much does it cost?
    Each box is $45 (free shipping in the US). You'll also receive a discount code for a future order.
  • What’s inside?
    It’s a surprise! Each box contains 4 regular-size jars, one new collaboration, spice stories & recipes to get you started.
  • Cancel or skip anytime
    We automatically charge your card before each box ships & notify you in advance in case you want to cancel or skip a shipment. 

The Making of Spice Club

We launched Spice Club in 2020 to release new spices and new harvests to a small group of enthusiastic customers. We got 700 sign-ups in less than 24 hours, selling out the first shipment, and just 18 months later, our Spice Club community is over 3,000 strong.

As the community has grown, the logistics that go into Spice Club have expanded as well. Every single member of the Burlap & Barrel team, as well as many partner farmers and artisan collaborators, work together for months to choose the spices, collaboration treats and recipes that we think you'll be excited about.

We hope that when you open your Spice Club box, you'll experience the same thrill we get when our partner farmers share something new and extraordinary with us. Take a moment to smell and taste each of the spices. Flip through the recipes included in the hand-illustrated pamphlet and make something new and delicious.

 To give you a glimpse into what it takes to make Spice Club happen four times each year, we asked a few members of the team to share their thoughts!


how do we compare? Supermarket Icon Supermarket Fair Trade Icon Fair Trade
Heirloom Spices Yes No No
Fair Prices for Farmers Yes No Depends on global commodity price
Time in Storage None. We import spices at harvest Up to 10 years At least 1 year
Flavor Profile Intense & fresh Stale & bland Inconsistent
Knows Farmers Names Yes No Unlikely
Customer Service Fast responses from real people! No There might be a 1-800 number?



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