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Panela Cane Sugar

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Warm and buttery with a hint of fresh green cane flavor, our panela cane sugar is produced using traditional methods and materials in the lush mountains of Colombia. Use instead of white or brown sugar in baking, sprinkle over fresh fruit or mix with hot water to make the traditional beverage agua panela.

The heirloom cane is cut by hand and carried to the estate's own trapiche, where the cane is pressed into juice and cooked into sugar. The juice is boiled in a series of pots, which are heated by burning the leftover cane fiber after the juice is pressed out. The boiling process requires constant attention by skilled artisans, up to the final step where the reduced sugar syrup is tossed through a window, one bowl at a time, and then whipped using a long-handled paddle to create a light, fluffy, granulated sugar texture.

Sugar comes in a canister that's 6¼" tall and 2½" wide and deep. Each canister comes with a food-safe silica packet inside to prevent clumping.


Boyacá, Colombia


Hand-pressed, boiled and whipped


Unrefined sugarcane juice (Saccharum officinarum

Tasting notes:

Green Cane Juice • Fresh Cream • Mountain Downpour

  • Sub for brown sugar in baked goods
  • Stir into warm drinks
  • Use in Southeast Asian stir-fries
  • Add to braises
  • Barkha's Butternut Squash

Like all sugar, panela is incredibly labor-intensive to produce — when Ethan traveled to Colombia to meet with our partner panela producers, he noted that “Manual, traditional sugar production requires a combination of knowledge, skill, and sheer physical strength beyond any other food I have ever encountered.” But the work of making sugar by traditional methods is worth it, and the careful sourcing comes through in the flavor.