Fundamentals Collection
Fundamentals Collection
Fundamentals Collection
Fundamentals Collection
Fundamentals Collection
Fundamentals Collection
Fundamentals Collection

Fundamentals Collection

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A selection of spices that are fundamental to any pantry, whether you're just getting started or upgrading to a new level of flavor. Use these every day for happy eating.

Now available in a 6, 9 or 12-pack. All ship free (within the US) in a beautiful gift box.

The 6 spice collection includes:

Silk Chili (1.8 oz glass jar)
These summery and spicy Silk Chili come from Kahramanmaras, Turkey. Also known as marash pepper, the Silk Chili is botanically identical to the Aleppo pepper, which has been cultivated in Syria for centuries. They have a warm, tomato-like flavor and a medium heat, similar to Espelette and Korean chilis.

Wild Mountain Cumin (1.5 oz glass jar)
Our wild cumin seeds are tiny, oblong and black with long stems, renowned in Afghanistan and throughout central and south Asia for its delicious flavor as well as its medicinal properties. It has a savory, penetrating aroma and bright, umami flavor evocative of grilled meats and sweet caramelized onions.

Smoked Pimentón Paprika (1.8 oz glass jar)
Our smoked paprika is sourced from a single fabrica in Extremadura, a hot, dry region of western Spain. This deeply smoky, savory paprika is made from sweet red peppers dried over oak coals and adds an incredible depth of flavor to any dish.

Flowering Hyssop Thyme (0.8 oz glass jar)
Our flowering hyssop thyme is a very special herb, only grown in the Middle East, where it is the primary ingredient in the za'atar spice blend (sometimes spelled zaatar, za'tar or zatar), along with sumac and sesame seeds. It has an ancient history of culinary and medicinal usage, and has a beautiful floral, herbaceous flavor and aroma.

Royal Cinnamon (1.8 oz glass jar)
Our Royal Cinnamon has been harvested in the mountains around the ancient Vietnamese capital city of Huế for milennia. The Royal Cinnamon is an heirloom variety not widely harvested or exported, and exemplifies the intense sweetness and spiciness for which Vietnamese cinnamon is prized.

Purple Stripe Garlic (1.8 oz glass jar)
Our Purple Stipe Garlic Powder comes from an heirloom variety with a purple stripe on its papery skin. It has a savory & sweet flavor profile that adds depth and complexity to everything it touches.

The 9 spice collection also includes:

Purple Peppercorns (1.9 oz grinder-top jar)
Our purple peppercorns come from a small, organic farm in Vietnam, grown by two friends, Dūng and Thanh. They carefully pick the peppercorns at peak ripeness, producing a complex and fruity peppercorn with an aroma like strawberries and a kick like a jalapeno.

Ground Black Lime (1.8 oz glass jar)
Our ground Black Lime is grown on a family farm in Guatemala, where ripe limes are dried in the sun until they oxidize, turning black and savory. A versatile ingredient common in Persian cooking, this will add a savory, tart flavor perfect anywhere you'd use a squeeze of lemon or lime.

Black Urfa Chili (1.8 oz glass jar)
In southeastern Turkey, you'll find black Urfa chili (or its uncured red variety) on almost every table. It's a medium-spicy pepper with hints of tobacco, raisin, and chocolate - which makes it our best seller.

The 12 spice collection also includes:

New Harvest Turmeric (1.9 oz glass jar)
Our turmeric is grown organically in southern India by Dr. Salunhke, an expert farmer specializing in sustainable agricultural techniques. It has a sweet, floral flavor without the metallic bitterness found in lower quality turmeric, and is perfect for both sweet and savory applications.

Turkish Oregano Buds (0.5 oz grinder-top jar)
Our zesty and bright oregano buds come from Turkey, where they have to be picked by hand just before they open into oregano flowers. These tiny pine cone-shaped buds have everything we love about oregano, but with a particularly beautiful spicy, hoppy twist. 

Nile Coriander (0.8 oz grinder-top jar)
This heirloom coriander variety is beautifully sweet and citrusy, a perfect ingredient for both cooking and garnishing. It is grown organically and featured in Eleven Madison Park's famous honey lavender duck.

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United States United States
Just get them

these have already made several dishes I make for the family on a regular basis better. Could not be happier

Hillary R.
United States United States
Perfect starter set

I bought this collection as a gift. Big hit!

United States United States
High quality product

Everything has so much more flavor and color.

Elizabeth F.
United States United States

The spices have gorgeous colors and aromas. It's taking me a bit of time to figure out recipes that will best showcase their flavors, but they are divine. And beautiful to admire-- I love showing them off and having friends just smell them. They're that good!

United States United States

Fantastic service.