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Fundamentals Collection

6, 9, or 12 spices fundamental to any cook. Ships free.

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Why Burlap & Barrel?

  • Single origin spices sourced directly from small farms
  • Over 10,000 5-star reviews
  • Guaranteed to wow you or we'll replace

Get yourself a set of single origin spices from Burlap & Barrel, a social enterprise that works directly with smallholder farmers around the world the source incredible spices.

The Fundamentals Collection is a beautiful set of 6 spices that are fundamental to any cook, a real upgrade for both the cooks and eaters in the family. Use every day to upgrade your dishes. Packed in a beautiful box and ships for free within the US.

The 6-spice collection includes:

  1. Silk Chili Flakes
  2. Limestone Rosemary
  3. Purple Stripe Garlic
  4. Flowering Hyssop Thyme
  5. Smoked PimentĂłn Paprika
  6. Royal Cinnamon

The 9-spice collection includes everything in the 6-pack, plus:

  1. Wild Mountain Cumin
  2. Szegedi 178 Hot Paprika
  3. Buffalo Ginger

The 12-spice collection includes everything in the 6 & 9-pack, plus:

  1. Cured Sumac
  2. Robusta Black Peppercorns
  3. Fermented White Peppercorns

The 24-spice collection includes everything in the 12-pack, plus:

  1. Noble Sweet Paprika
  2. Wind-Blown Sea Salt
  3. New Harvest Turmeric
  4. Laurel Bay Leaves
  5. Toasted Onion Powder
  6. Köfte Baharat
  7. Curry
  8. Cinnamon Quills
  9. Cloud Forest Cardamom (Ground Pods)
  10. Grenada Gold Nutmeg
  11. Cobanero Chili Flakes
  12. Red River Coriander (Ground)

Silk Chili Flakes

The Turkish variety of the Aleppo pepper, our summery, mildly spicy Silk Chili was historically ground using heavy silk ropes, giving them a smooth, slippery texture. They have a warm, tomato-like flavor and a medium heat, similar to Espelette and Korean chilis.

Tasting notes: Roasted Tomato • Honey • Mediterranean Sun


  • Sprinkle over pasta or pizza
  • Add to soups and stews

Limestone Rosemary

Our piney, aromatic rosemary is grown organically in Provence by a cooperative of partner farmers. It boasts a rich, complex, clean flavor that is the result of both careful farming practices and a superlative terroir. It's harvested in early summer, when the small, verdant needles are cut and dried as they ripen to a brilliant green. We pack it as quickly as possible to preserve the delicate oils that give this herb its signature citrus-peel flavor.

Tasting notes: Juniper • Citrus Peel • Pine Forest


  • Sub for fresh rosemary in any recipe
  • Add to soups and stews
  • Use in braises for chicken, red meat and root vegetables

Purple Stripe Garlic

Our Purple Stripe Garlic powder adds depth and complexity to everything it touches. The powder can be used in place of fresh garlic, or as an upgrade to standard garlic powder. Add it to tomato sauces, stews, salad dressings or simply sprinkle it onto stir-fries or pizza.

Tasting notes: Brown Butter • Toasted Hazelnut • Asafoetida


  • Add to onion, carrots and celery as a flavor base for sauces, stews, braises or beans
  • Sprinkle over reheated pizza

Flowering Hyssop Thyme

Our Flowering Hyssop Thyme has a beautiful floral, herbaceous flavor and aroma. It has an ancient history of culinary and medicinal usage in Turkey, where it is the primary ingredient in za'atar. Use it in place of regular thyme with roasted chicken, grilled vegetables and tomato sauces.

Tasting notes: Lavender • Wild Herbs • Pine


  • Add to stocks, soups, stews - especially your tomato sauces
  • Toss with vegetables, olive oil, salt, pepper and chili flakes before cooking

Smoked PimentĂłn Paprika

Our rich, sweet Smoked PimentĂłn Paprika comes from a protected region in Western Spain, where sweet red peppers have been grown and smoked for centuries. Fresh peppers are slowly dried over oak coals, which imbue them with a rich, smoky flavor that imparts a savory depth and gorgeous color.

Tasting notes: Hardwood Smoke • Ripe Tomato • Summery Sweetness


  • Mix with salt, ground cumin and coriander for a meat seasoning or dry rub
  • Add to your favorite classic Spanish paella recipe

Royal Cinnamon

Our Royal Cinnamon is an heirloom variety not widely harvested or exported, and it exemplifies the intense sweetness and spiciness for which Vietnamese cinnamon is prized. Use it in place of Saigon or other cinnamons in pastries and baked goods, or sprinkle into rich, savory meat or tomato-based dishes.

Tasting notes: Brown Butter • Buckwheat Honey • Orange Peel


  • Beautiful in baked goods, spice cookies, oatmeal and desserts
  • Brew with your favorite coffee or tea

Wild Mountain Cumin

Our Wild Mountain Cumin has a savory, penetrating aroma and bright, umami flavor evocative of grilled meats and sweet caramelized onions. The tiny, oblong seeds are hand-picked by foragers in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan. The seeds are smaller and softer than the cumin you may be used to, and they do not need to be ground before use.

Tasting notes: Grilled Onion • Dried Apricots • Mountain Air


  • Bloom seeds in hot oil or ghee and use as the base for stews, curries or braises
  • Mix whole seeds into guacamole, vinaigrettes or yogurt-based spreads

Szegedi 178 Hot Paprika

Our Szegedi 178 Hot Paprika is grown on a small regenerative farm in the oldest paprika-growing region of Hungary by our partner farmer, Péter. Szegedi 178 is an heirloom variety of hot pepper that has a beautiful aroma and a long, warm burn. The peppers are picked ripe, air-cured in mesh bags, dehydrated, ground and blended with sweet paprika in small batches.

Tasting notes: Hay Field • Dried Plum • Glowing Coals


  • Add to soups and stews for a hot paprika kick
  • Make classic Hungarian dishes like goulash, chicken paprikash and stuffed cabbage

Buffalo Ginger

Our ground Buffalo Ginger is an heirloom ginger variety grown by a group of farmers in the mountains of northern Vietnam. Known for its fruity, floral aroma and powerful heat, this is a complex and flavorful ginger powder that will elevate baked goods, stews and curries, and beverages from hot drinks to cocktails.

Tasting notes: Pineapple • Fresh Herbs • Bright Heat


  • Add to apple pies, cookies, cakes and other baked goods
  • Use in place of fresh ginger in soups, stir-fries and braises

Cured Sumac

Our spectacular Cured Sumac is an easy swap for lemon juice in any recipe, or use it to add character and brightness to salads, fish, meat or dips. It has a bright, sour, salty and slightly fermented flavor.

Tasting notes: Sour Cherry • Salt & Vinegar • Sunny Acidity


  • Swap for lemon juice in any recipe
  • Sprinkle over hummus, salad, roasted veggies, meat or scrambled eggs

Robusta Black Peppercorns

Our gingery, savory, workhorse-of-the kitchen Robusta Black Peppercorns come from a small organic farm in Vietnam. They're harvested when the peppercorns are ripe, and their classic, herbaceous, robust flavor captivated us at first grind! They're grown by two friends, Dūng and Thanh, using regenerative integrated agricultural techniques. This is your daily black pepper.

Tasting notes: Dark Roast • Dried Fruit • Tropical Heat


  • You know what to do: grind over everything
  • Add to tomato sauces, braises, beans, soups and stocks

Fermented White Pepper

Our savory, funky Fermented White Peppercorns are highly prized in Indonesia but rarely found in the US. They add a deep umami flavor and funk to everything they touch. They're grown on a family farm on the island of Bangka by a farmer named Pak Sugiri and his son, Ilham. The peppercorns are picked fresh and fermented according to traditional methods.

Tasting notes: Goat Cheese • Celery • Funky Fermentation


  • Grind over steak to mimic the flavor of dry aging
  • Use in traditional Cantonese and southeast Asian dishes that call for white pepper

Noble Sweet Paprika

Our rich, vibrant Noble Sweet Paprika is grown on a small regenerative farm in the oldest paprika-growing region of Hungary. Perfect for classic Hungarian dishes, this sweet paprika adds richness and depth to anything it touches.

Tasting notes: Red Peppers • Green Tomato • Turned Earth


  • Add to soups and stews for a gorgeous color and fresh, sweet flavor
  • Make classic Hungarian dishes like goulash, chicken paprikash and stuffed cabbage

New Harvest Turmeric

Our exceptionally sweet, floral New Harvest Turmeric is grown organically on a farm in southern India by Dr. Salunkhe, an expert farmer specializing in sustainable agricultural techniques. Its high curcumin content (4%) makes it ideal for both culinary and nutritional uses, and it's perfect for both sweet and savory applications, in curries and other dishes, as well as in turmeric teas and lattes.

Tasting notes:

Melted Butter • Jasmine Flower • Honey


  • Blend into a chicken or vegetable soup
  • Sprinkle into rice dishes 

Ground Laurel Bay Leaves

Our ground Laurel Bay Leaf is a pure expression of the savory, herbal flavor of the bay leaf. Sourced from the rocky Mediterranean coastline of Turkey, then dried and ground into a powder, it's a versatile alternative to whole bay leaves. Use 1/8 tsp. in place of a whole bay leaf, and there's no need to remove anything from the pot — the powder is edible when ground.

Tasting notes: Eucalyptus • Menthol • Pine


  • Scoop 1/4-1/2 teaspoon into your chili, soup or stew early in the recipe
  • Add depth with a sprinkling in your pickling jar

Toasted Onion Powder

Our Toasted Onion Powder has an exceptionally rich, sweet, toasty flavor that leaves other onion powders in the dust. The delicious allium flavor comes through in stews, stocks, braises, rubs, dressings, savory breads and more. It can even be used in sweet baked goods — its onion-y sweetness is unlike anything we've ever tasted.

Tasting notes: Fresh Bread • Toasted Sesame • Sugarcane


  • Bloom in oil or butter at the start of cooking any savory dish
  • Add to stocks, soups, sauces, braises and dressings

Köfte Baharat

Deeply savory and bursting with flavor, Köfte Baharat is a traditional Turkish spice blend for meat. A classic, savory blend of chilis, garlic, cumin and allspice, it has a warm flavor and enticing aroma and is perfect for Turkish and Eastern Mediterranean dishes. Versatile and balanced, it's at home in sausage, burgers, veggies, beans and soups.

Tasting notes: Dried Fruits • Charcoal Grill • Aromatic Umami

Ingredients: Black Urfa chili, silk chili, cumin, allspice, garlic, sea salt, sunflower seed oil


  • Rub on meats or vegetables before grilling or roasting
  • Add to meatball or bulgur mix before cooking


An aromatic homage to the trade winds across the Indian Ocean, our golden Swahili Coast Curry is descended from thousands of years of culinary exchange. The spices in this Origin Blend were grown in an organic agroforestry system and then dried, ground and blended by our partner cooperative.

Tasting notes: Toasted Nuts • Coconut Cream • Gold Leaf

Ingredients: Cardamom, ginger, cloves, coriander, cumin, garlic, fenugreek, mustard, turmeric, fennel


  • Use as a rub for meat and vegetables for roasting
  • Simmer in coconut milk for stews
  • Bloom in oil or ghee to start cooking a fragrant dish

Cinnamon Quills

Our hand-rolled Cinnamon Quills are beautifully fragrant and made just for us by our partners in Sri Lanka. Their skinny shape is a mark of incredible skill — each one is hand-rolled and custom-cut to fit in this jar! Use them in place of standard cinnamon sticks in hot beverages, porridge, rice pudding, and savory dishes like braises and stews.

Tasting notes: Honey • Orange Peel • Tea Tree


  • Add to warm drinks like hot chocolate, mulled wine, coffee and teas
  • Use in rice pudding, ice cream and other desserts
  • Sub for a standard cinnamon stick in any recipe

Cloud Forest Cardamom (Ground Pods)

Our Cloud Forest Cardamom is sweet and tart, reminiscent of summer fruits, fresh herbs and cut grass. It comes straight from a single-estate regenerative farm in the high-altitude cloud forests of Guatemala. The fruit turns yellow as it ripens on the vine and has a softer and sweeter flavor that makes it a perfect upgrade to standard green cardamom.

Tasting notes: Ginger • Apricots • Jungle Flowers


  • Use in cakes, muffins, pastries and other desserts 
  • Sprinkle over oatmeal or into smoothies

Cobanero Chili Flakes

Our Cobanero Chili Flakes are a rare Maya variety of chili pepper with a fierce, bright, slightly smoky heat and a lush, fruity, peachy aroma. The chilis are grown in the mountains around the city of Cobán, Guatemala. They're spicier than serrano peppers and in the same range as cayenne. Perfect for anyone who appreciates true chili flavor!

Tasting notes: Papaya • Roasted Corn • Fire


  • Add to pots of beans, roasts or braises
  • Add to marinades or sauces for an extra kick

Ground Red River Coriander

Our savory, herbaceous Red River Coriander is an heirloom varietal with small, dark seeds. It is aromatic and boldly flavored, with earthy undertones and just a touch of lemon zest.

Tasting notes: Cilantro Root • Green Herbs • Zest


  • Sprinkle over root vegetables before roasting
  • Combine with toasted chilis, cumin, garlic and tomato paste and lemon juice for a homemade harissa
  • Combine with cardamom or orange zest in a Bundt cake

Wind-Blown Sea Salt

This spectacular sea salt is formed in salt pans by evaporating the aquamarine seawater of Tanzania's Swahili Coast. The strong northern Kaskazi winds blow the salt into fine crystals with a bright, mineral flavor profile and versatile texture. Perfect for cooking, baking, pickling, finishing and garnishing, this is your everyday salt — elevated!

Tasting notes: Turquoise Seas • Coral Sands • Fine Crunch


  • Add to salad dressings, marinades, rubs, soups and stews
  • Sprinkle over finished dishes like beans, steak, vegetables and chicken
  • Use as a finishing salt on cookies, brownies, cakes and truffles

Grenada Gold Nutmeg

Our sweet, intoxicating Grenada Gold Nutmeg comes from a small family farm in the hills of St. Andrew, Grenada, famous for growing some of the world's best nutmeg. Grate with a microplane or grind in a spice grinder to add an incredible fragrance and complexity.

Tasting notes: Banana Bread • Cozy Spices • Wintertime


  • Add grated nutmeg to pies, cakes and other desserts
  • Grate over cocktails and punches
  • Grate into bechamel or other cream based sauces
“An excellent gift for the discerning cook.”
"The flavors are so profoundly better it borders on being almost unbelievable... spices are stunningly fresh and vibrant."
"No set will get the job done better than this collection of ethically sourced spices."


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Heirloom Spices Yes No No
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Time in Storage None. We import spices at harvest Up to 10 years At least 1 year
Flavor Profile Intense & fresh Stale & bland Inconsistent
Knows Farmers Names Yes No Unlikely
Customer Service Fast responses from real people! No There might be a 1-800 number?



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